Victim Takes Justice Into Own Hands When Pedophile Avoids Any Prison


The now adult victim of an elderly child molester was a little cheesed off. You can’t blame him. The judge let his abuser go without any prison time. He was so angry that he leapt up and punched his molester in the face, as hard as he could. The opportunity presented itself as the Defendant was being led out of court and he simply couldn’t resist.

Victim strikes back

Nevada resident Tylor Fu was allegedly a victim of child molestation by his baby sitter. It happened a long time ago, starting when he was 8. Now, he’s 29 and his alleged abuser currently 80.

Fu wasn’t the only one who accused Richard Gross of similar crimes. He happened to be in the courtroom when Gross was sentenced and wasn’t real happy with the decision.

The tables have been turned as the former victim got himself arrested on “a misdemeanor battery charge after nailing Richard Gross in the face during his sentencing on October 2.” He recently agreed to give local news an interview.

Mr. Fu admitted that “he felt ‘extremely angry’ when Gross’ plea deal was announced.” He’s not usually the violent type.

While ostensibly apologetic, he remained more than a little unsympathetic over his response. “I know he’s old, but that doesn’t change anything like that, doesn’t change the damage that he caused, the horrific effects that I had to live through for decades, and it was not justice at all.

After being told he could walk away free as a bird, “Gross was leaving the courtroom with his wife and attorney.” That’s when “Fu stood up and punched the octogenarian in the face, causing him to fall to the floor.” The victim put all his pent up anger behind his fist and clocked him a good one.

A knock out

Apparently, Mr. Fu scored a single punch KO. Gross, in his statement as a victim, “complained he briefly passed out and had to be taken to a hospital.” His wife added that his glasses were broken. Fu allowed himself to be arrested without incident and eventually lawyered up.

A statement issued by counsel notes that he’s “expressing remorse for his violent outburst.” At the same time, the attorney argues in justification of his client’s actions.

Maybe what he did wasn’t right but it was certainly understandable and at least somewhat excusable. It’s not like Gross was all that innocent of a victim.


If the court takes an honest look in the mirror, the judge should realize that the sentence was a mitigating factor towards Mr. Fu’s defense because it was guaranteed to cause aggravation to all the abused victims.

As Fu admits in court documents, “while it was on some level cathartic, my actions in court were not appropriate. I was overwhelmed by emotion at the hearing, which got the better of me. I was and am deeply troubled by the fact that Richard Gross received no prison time, but I do understand these things happen sometimes in criminal proceedings.” It’s important to note that he’s only one victim of Gross. The accused was originally charged with “26 felony counts of sexual abuse stemming from years of molestation.” They bargained it down to “a single count of attempted lewdness with a child under 14.” For that, they let him loose.

The judge gave him 60 to 180 months in state prison for the paperwork then suspended the sentence because the guy is so old he’s going to be in the infirmary most of the time. Assuming he survives the sudden blunt force head trauma. If Gross drops over in the near future, Fu could end up in prison for the rest of his life, on a murder rap.

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