FBI Seeks Intel Over Capital Siege


In the inevitable fallout from the Capitol siege on January 6th the FBI is now asking the public for intel on people suspected of committing crimes during the 4 hour long breach of security. Because sure, we trust the FBI right? Just ask Lt. General Michael Flynn.

According to the Associated Press

“The agency is asking for information, images, videos and other multimedia files. It’s sharing an electronic form for people to use.

“Our goal is to preserve the public’s constitutional right to protest by protecting everyone from violence and other criminal activity,” FBI officials said.”

Intel? Don’t They Have Google?

This could point to a shortfall in the bureau’s intelligence gathering apparatus, as the unmasked individuals in the capitol were posting social media and uploaded untold petabytes (that’s alot) of audio, video and images as the situation escalated.

So, we really have to ask: Seriously?

And where were these dizzying powers of investigatory prowess and intel gathering in the wake of the George Floyd riots this summer? Or perhaps after the Portland Federal courthouse was nearly burned to the ground? Never mind the torrents of public tips and information that surely came rolling in after the CHAZ/CHOP degenerated into a lawless hell-scape.

Another Politically Motivated Investigation?

Additional reports have come today that multiple Democrats of the House have tendered a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray DEMANDING arrests of those responsible for “a deadly terrorist attack” incited by President Donald Trump and his supporters.

The Democrats wrote,

“Given the incendiary environment caused and exacerbated by President Trump’s rhetoric, along with the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, it is imperative that the FBI leverage all available assets and resources to ensure that the perpetrators of this domestic terrorist attack and those who incited and conspired with them are brought to justice, and that this domestic terrorist group is disrupted from further actions against our government.”

The FBI was given these “marching orders” by Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, Homeland Security Chair Bennie Thompson, Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff and Armed Services Chair Adam Smith. With an overwhelmingly Democrat government taking power it seems the FBI is preparing to follow them to the letter to appease their new overseers.

A Better Question: How Didn’t They See This Coming?

Many of us in the conservative media saw this one coming, and many of us counseled for calm in the days and weeks before. In the morning of the 6th it seemed that all was going well, the protests were peaceful and orderly if a bit raucous. Then things quickly changed.

Reports have come in that the Chief of the Capitol Police has resigned in response to his department’s failure.

The AP wrote

“Chief Steven Sund said Thursday that police had planned for a free speech demonstration and did not expect the violent attack. He said it was unlike anything he’d experienced in his 30 years in law enforcement.

He resigned Thursday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on him to step down.”

The message from the House is clear, between the letter to the FBI and Sund’s dismissal: you’re useful until you aren’t, so play ball.

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