Report: Americans FURIOUS, 2.5mil Tax Dollars Being Spent on Corrupt Democrat Legal Expenses


Here’s a very un-funny joke for you: When a corrupt elected leader get prosecuted for multiple different scandal and accusations? YOU DO! In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo hasn’t been able to hid from the onslaught of scandals that have descended upon him.

Cuomo was accused of sexual assault by several women, two of them State employees. He is accused very credibly using state employees to write his book extolling his virtues and handling of the COVID19 panic. Most damningly the besieged Governor is under investigation for negligence and suppressing the number of true deaths that occurred in nursing homes forced to accept COVID patients on his order.

The MASSIVE Legal Bill To Defend Corrupt Cuomo

According to the Times Union, the expense to the taxpayers of New York state is jaw-dropping,

“the Executive Chamber’s $2.5 million contract for legal services with the law firm Morvillo Abramowitz was “approved and filed” on April 27. A copy of the contract, provided by DiNapoli’s office, says the firm will charge up to $937.50 an hour for work performed by law firm partner Elkan Abramowitz. The contract says the rates are “significantly discounted” from standard hourly rates: By 25 percent for Abramowitz and 15 percent for other attorneys.”

Impeachment On The Horizon, New Yorkers Furious

As the legal expense to defend the indefensible behavior of the Cuomo political dynasty’s nadir racks up, New Yorkers are growing more furious by the minute. ( And being a ‘New York minute’… that’s… what…? Faster?) More and more Republicans in the New York Assembly are crying foul over the “stalled” investigation into Mario Cuomo’s unfortunate son.

NY1 reports, “This seems to be nothing more than a delay tactic or to provide some cover to say we’re doing something, but not really doing anything,” Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt said, criticizing the lack of action. “And it has bought the governor time. I do not have any real optimism that this investigation is anything more than window dressing.”

The fact of the matter is that the New York State Constitution’s grounds for impeachment and the procedure with which it is to be carried our are so incredibly vague that it’s no wonder that even with such rampant corruption, it’s been over a century since impeachment was even considered. The last being in 1913 when another Democrat William Sulzer was impeached for perjury and involvement with fraudulent companies in Cuba.

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne asked the question on many New Yorkers minds, what’s next? It has been months!

“We’ve tried to be helpful, give information to the committee, to the chair, to try to help move this process along,” Byrne said. “But I think it shines a light on the fact that New York State really lacks an impeachment process like the federal government does and we need action.”

The entire machine of New York politics under Andrew Cuomo in Albany and Bill DiBlasio in New York City has slid into a dank sludge that would make the engineers of the old Tammany Hall machine cry ‘shame!’ In all likelihood, Cuomo will only leave office in handcuffs and only then under a Republican-led Federal government.

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