U.S. Marshal Shot While Serving Warrant


In Columbus, Ohio a deputy U.S. Marshal was shot while serving a warrant on December 8th. The federal agent was wounded and rushed to the hospital in stable condition. The assailant, identified as 18-year-old Donta Stewart fired upon law enforcement when they attempted to serve a felony warrant. Stewart reportedly opened fire from a concealed position in a closet striking the deputy in the upper torso, other members of the task force then returned fire striking Stewart. The deputy Marshall is expected to survive. However, Stewart was critically injured and brought to Mount Carmel East Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. According to court documents, Donta Stewart was also wanted on a separate warrant for aggravated robbery by Reynoldsburg, Ohio Police.

Chief Deputy Rick Minerd with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office told the press,

“A number of individuals were present at the scene and were taken into custody for questioning. There is no reason to believe those people were involved, though that could change based on the interview process,”


U.S. Marshal, Suspect Shot In Brutal Ambush

A U.S. Marshals Service spokesman said members of the Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Task Force (SOFAST) were serving a felony arrest warrant for an aggravated robbery suspect wanted by Columbus police. The Columbus Dispatch reported that “Roxanne Thurston, 26, listed in court records as living at the address where the raid occurred, was arrested that day on a warrant for robbery, issued in November by Columbus police. She was among four people at the house on outstanding warrants, the sheriff’s office said.”

More detailed reports from The Associated Press seem to confirm that this was a cold-blooded ambush of the U.S. Marshal who was shot by Stewart who fired from a concealed position while officers were placing Thurston into custody. They wrote, “The man began firing from inside a closet as the officers were taking the subject of the warrant into custody, striking the deputy in the upper torso, a marshal’s service spokesman said.”

Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin said his office is handling the ongoing investigation into the officer-involved shooting, WSYX reported. 10TV WBNS added that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will also assist in the investigation. WSYX & WTTE’s Mike McCarthy tweeted regarding the incident and pointed out that multiple agencies are now involved. And indeed now with FOUR separate agencies involved the ambush seems to be a high-priority case. Another case of law enforcement being deliberately targeted and ambushed.

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