BLM Rioters Chase, Beat, and Jump On Top of Moving Vehicle [VIDEO]


Another of those cars with a mind of it’s own had an encounter with BLM. They instantly applied mob justice and attempted to peel the driver out before he could escape with his life. Unlike the Christmas Parade massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin, this car wasn’t out to kill anyone, and nobody got hurt. It’s driver had the legal right to be there but the mob of anarchists didn’t. Police weren’t there. They heard about it on Twitter but have no plans to get involved.

BLM riot disrupted

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, BLM was on hand to complain about Officer Kim Potter. She’s on trial for the death of their beloved Daunte Wright. Things got a little fuzzy one day back in April.

The jury will get to hear both sides of the story but everybody knows how it ended. At one point, Officer Potter felt the need to use her taser, she grabbed her gun and pulled the trigger before she realized which one was in her hand. It didn’t end well for Mr. Wright.

Illegally, BLM forces surrounding the fortress of justice barricaded some streets for their privileged but permit-less protest.

“Police are not working to track down the driver because the protesters did not have a permit to block off the street and thus the driver was not committing a crime by entering the area,” police public information officer Garrett Parten confirms.

While BLM members and associates whipped themselves into a frenzy of anger over racial injustice by the trained killers in blue, “it appears the driver forced the car through the crowd.”

He was probably trying to get home from work and found himself boxed in by the anarchists, who had no right to obstruct public roadways. He stood on his rights and kept rolling.

Carried down the block

According to reports from local sources, “marchers yelled for them to stop.” Videos going viral clearly show “one marcher jumping onto the vehicle and ending up on the roof.” He was stuck there “until the driver slowed near the next intersection.”

That gave the acrobatic anarchist a chance to “safely dismount from the car after being carried down the block.” While he was playing Mad Max, other BLM supporters “pounded on the car’s windows and shouted at the driver.” The terrified occupant sped away down the closest side street.

The defunded and demoralized Minneapolis police admit “they learned of the incident after the fact via videos posted online.” So what. “As of 6 p.m., no one from the protest had filed a report.”

They don’t have the funds to investigate if somebody did, anyway. BLM isn’t going to call it in, they might have to give witness statements and their names could set off all sorts of bells and whistles as they make their way through the computers.

“As the march appears to be unsanctioned by the city, police say it’s unclear what further action will be taken in the case.” It’s going to be really interesting to watch the mainstream, government approved network media coverage of this.

They’ll probably plead their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination under the debunked Constitution, rather than compare this BLM battle incident side by side with the recent White Christian Parade Massacre.

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