Trump Scores Major Endorsement!


Despite legal troubles and multiple indictments, former President Donald Trump is still at the top of the charts for popularity. And it looks like that streak will continue for the upcoming 2024 election. Now, more good news has just been announced: Senator Mike Braun of Indiana has endorsed Trump’s presidential campaign.

This is been perceived as a major boost to the former president’s campaign.

On Monday, September 18, Senator Braun took to social media to announce his endorsement for the former president.

In his tweet, he stated, “I am proud to endorse the ultimate outsider @realDonaldTrump for President of the United States!”

The statement was accompanied by an elaborate description of their shared vision and accomplishments during their time in office.

When talking about the challenges faced by everyday Americans from his home state of Indiana, Braun described himself as a “Main Street Entrepreneur and political outsider” who wanted to take on the powerful Washington elite.

He recalled how they had come together during the 2018 Indiana Senate race that resulted in a historic victory.

This was followed by their joint efforts in appointing constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court who upheld values dear to many conservatives such as protecting unborn rights and safeguarding Second Amendment rights.

Braun defended Trump against all odds, even when he was facing impeachment trial. He voted for acquittal and wrote an editorial criticizing media outlets for not taking accusations of voter fraud seriously after Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

Furthermore, he accused these same “cozy, self-serving Washington elites” of jeopardizing national financial stability while expressing confidence that Trump’s “America First” policies could steer America back onto its path towards unparalleled prosperity and security – something it had enjoyed during Trump’s tenure as president.

Recent endorsements and polls have indicated an increasing trend in support for Donald J. Trump lately – this should pose a challenge to Joe Biden’s chances at securing another term.

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