This Topless Hooters Fight Went VIRAL

Photo via DepositPhotos (Copyright: homank76)

Someone went to a Hooters in Plano to sell chocolate bars and a fight broke out.

This is one of the craziest things I have ever seen happen at a Hooters.

Thankfully, phones were rolling to catch it all as it happened.

Thugs Go Berserk

Sorry, guys, but you are not going to see boobs if you thought it was that kind of “topless” video.

What happened here was some kids were told by patrons that they did not want their chocolate bars.

We see this a lot in low-income neighborhoods, where kids will steal candy bars, then pretend they are raising money for charity.

Considering the outcome here, that is my best guess as to what happened.

When the kids were asked to leave the Hooters, a bunch of topless thugs got out of a car and went nuts inside the restaurant.

They attacked the manager, who reportedly suffered a broken arm in the fight.

Eventually, they were able to get the doors locked, but the fun did not stop there.

One of the thugs picked up an ashtray and slammed it into the window, sending glass everywhere…

One of the waitresses reportedly suffered cuts from the glass.

The Hooters is located off Central Expressway and Plano Parkway.

The Plano police stated that the incident is still under investigation.

Source: New York Post

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