Family Attacked, Beaten and Held Captive for Converting to Christianity


In the rural areas of India families which profess their Christian faith are finding it more and more difficult to survive. A Christian family in in Khala village of Jharkhand state’s Garhwa District, converted to Christianity in early January according to ChristianPost. They began suffering from frequent harrassment shortly thereafter. The family were beaten and threatened and confined to their home for months, to add insult to injury: they’ve been charged by local Police with”breaching the peace and public tranquility.”

ChristianPost reported that according to the wife of the family, she, her husband and her two children were beaten, “The mob brought with them the village president, media and police officers. As the media clicked our pictures and videotaped the attack, the police watched as mere spectators. They did not stop the assailants or the media.”

And then it got a whole lot worse, The Police in the small Indian community will not even allow them to leave.

“Police officers at Garhwa police station summoned my husband to the police station and told him that he has been held responsible for the breach of peace and public tranquility under Section 107 of the Criminal Procedure Code,” Korwa was quoted as saying. “They told him that nobody from my family will step out of the village and that, if necessary, they would take our entire family into custody.”

She added, “The first 10 days of February, we could not breathe in our own home. The police officers were stopping by to inquire if we have committed a breach of peace. They would go to our neighbors to take their report as to whether we behaved well.”

A Quiet Atrocity The Mainstream Will Not Report Because It Targets The Christian Church

In many corners of the world atrocities against the Christian faith are once again on the rise, even as nearby as Canada where Churches are being forcibly closed and pastors jailed for non-compliance with over-harsh COVID19 restrictions. While reports of these issues to the north have reached Americans, further off in the world crises like the one brewing in India typically do not make US news feeds, where as Christian Post noted,

“Since the current ruling party (Bharatiya Janata Party) took power in 2014, incidents against Christians have increased, and Hindu radicals often attack Christians with little to no consequences,” noted Open Doors’ World Watch List last year, which ranked India as the 10th worst country for Christians.

“The view of the Hindu nationalists is that to be Indian is to be Hindu, so any other faith — including Christianity — is viewed as non-Indian. Also, converts to Christianity from Hindu backgrounds or tribal religions are often extremely persecuted by their family members and communities,” Open Doors said at the time.

According to religious rights activists like Alliance Defending Freedom, not much help is expected from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his National Democratic Alliance government is led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.


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