Toddler REFUSED Heart Surgery Due To Parent’s COVID Vaccine Status


There was a pandemic over the last three years, yet it wasn’t simply COVID. There was also another infection that was running rampant through the masses that the media did not report on, and that was the lack of critical thinking abilities. An illness for which there is no vaccine.

The continuous wall-to-wall coverage of the virus zapped every person of their thinking skills as well as they all acted instead unreasonably.

Below is an archetype of this in the type of a multiple-choice question.

There is a pandemic going around the globe that is apparently dangerous and also government authorities are stating we need to lockdown to “slow the spread”. These leaders in the government state that you need to stock up on supplies based on the lockdown.

What do you stockpile on for those two weeks?

A) completely dry items and non-perishables

B) alcohol

C) mass amounts of bathroom tissue

If you answered C after that the infection has impacted you as well.

There was no justification for the run on toilet tissue but that is what most of us witnessed, and it took weeks for the supply shortages to be rectified.

One would certainly assume that this would inform every person not to make irrational decisions however regretfully they just developed.

It actually advanced into a panic that is really killing people young as well as old. And what makes it worse is that it isn’t even the virus that is eliminating them, but the ridiculous policies that have stemmed from the widespread, irrational panic.

A Small Child Doomed By COVID Vaccine Mandate Panic

A 3-year-old child from Cyprus has been flown to Greece for emergency heart surgery after doctors in Germany declined to treat the kid because his parents were unvaccinated against COVID-19.

The child, whose name continues to be concealed, was apparently rejected for treatment by 3 countries before being sent by air ambulance to Greece over the weekend.

Cypriot hospitals can not perform the required procedure for the kid hospitalized with serious heart disease.

Abir Ballan Tweeted, “A 3-year old boy from Cyprus was turned down by Germany, Uk and Israel for urgent heart surgery because his parents were not vaccinated.” Before his Twitter account was summarily suspended.

The health ministry arranged for the youngster to be flown to Germany last Thursday, according to Politico.

However, the day before the transfer was supposed to take place, the hospital in Frankfurt informed the Cypriot authorities that it would not be going ahead because the boy’s parents had not had the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cyprus suggested that the child could be accompanied by a legal guardian instead of his parents but this suggestion was turned down.

A German health ministry official confirmed there is no rule that says hospitals cannot treat unvaccinated people, let alone children whose parents are not vaccinated. However, the official added that each hospital has its own restrictions and makes its own arrangements with patients.

“Health policies — including vaccination policies — and their concrete implementation are the responsibility of the member states, not the Commission,” said a spokesperson for the European Commission’s health department.

The Cypriot authorities tried to get specialized health centers in the United Kingdom and Israel to perform the operation but were turned down for the same reason given by Germany.

The boy’s parents submitted to the COVID vaccination on Thursday but have to wait six weeks prior to their inoculation records are recognized abroad.

Alexey Matveev, the boy’s father and also a Russian national living in Cyprus, shared his outrage in a Facebook message according to RT:

“I didn’t know that I had to be vaccinated for my child to be operated on in that hospital. If I knew it of course I would have done it … I am healthy and did not want to be vaccinated. I find it inappropriate for someone who is healthy to be vaccinated,” he said.

“This is blackmail and war on people. No, it’s not parental negligence, it’s just killing my son,” he wrote in a Facebook tirade.

Although Permanent Secretary Yiannaki firmly insisted the parents knew about the policy, it’s an abomination to humanity to have that requirement.

Every person associated with the denial of surgical procedures due to the COVID vaccine has actually lost their soul and also ought to really feel ashamed for these inhumane actions.


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