Breaking: Hostage Confirmed Dead


Tragedy has struck Israel and its military as news of the death of an Israeli hostage and soldier has been reported. On Tuesday, November 13, 19-year-old Noa Marciano, who was among the 240 people captured by Hamas during its attack on Israel on October 7th, was declared dead.

As the first hostage confirmed to have died in captivity, her death has caused immense grief and pain to those around her.

Israel’s military declared Noa Marciano a fallen soldier without giving a cause of death. On Monday evening, Hamas released a hostage video showing Marciano identifying herself and then images of what appeared to be her dead body.

The terror group stated that she had been killed in an Israeli strike without providing any evidence to back up this claim. Though the Israeli military did not initially acknowledge her death after the video was released, they did remark upon how cruel it is for Hamas to use psychological terrorism through videos and photos of hostages like Marciano.

In response to Hamas’ claims that dozens of captives had been killed due to Israel’s strikes, the nation rebutted these accusations as being part of their psychological warfare tactics.

Though no solid proof has been provided either way, families of other hostages are marching from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem over five days in order to draw attention to their loved ones’ plight while also observing a minute of silence in memory of Noa Marciano’s life.

The Times of Israel reported:

“The Israel Defense Forces announces the death of Cpl. Noa Marciano, who was captured by the Hamas terror group on October 7.

Marciano, 19, of the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps 414th, served in the Nahal Oz base when it was overrun by terrorists during the onslaught.

Yesterday, Hamas published a propaganda video of the soldier, showing her speaking to the camera four days after being taken hostage. The video then cuts to her dead body.

The IDF recognizes her as a “fallen soldier held captive by a terror group.””

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