They Just Took Control of Israel


The balance of power just shifted in Israel as the Pro-Hamas faction sold the Jews out to the New World Order. Benjamin Netanyahu just got the “Trump treatment.” Stabbed in the back by traitors calling themselves conservative and ousted from office.

Israel news shocks the world

The shocking news that the longest-serving leader in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was “ousted as Prime Minister” is rocking the world. Naftali Bennett is supposed to be a “far-right nationalist” but Americans would call him a RINO. He’s the Jewish version of Mitt Romney.

He’s famous for supporting “illegal settlements” and opposing “Palestinian rights” but he “joined with Islamist and leftist opponents to form a coalition to oust Netanyahu.”

Rival parties buried their differences to get rid of Netanyahu now. He’s been far too tough on radical terrorists in Gaza and actually dared to bomb the Hamas offices to rubble even though they were shielded by Al Jazeera and Associated Press offices in the same building.

The Arabs, especially in Iran, are miffed that “Netanyahu did not bow down to global leaders intent on punishing Israel like Barack Obama.”

With Netanyahu in power, the Jewish citizens felt secure. He “kept Israel safe for a decade” and he kept the economy booming. The thing that really ticks off the Ayatollah is that “Netanyahu was very close” to Once and Future President Donald Trump.

The new Imperial Leader assigned to govern Jerusalem, Naftali Bennett, was appointed by the Deep State with only “5% of the vote.” Inbal Shaky calls him a “fake conservative,” noting on Twitter that “this weasel sold out his nation by joining Islamist & lefty parties sworn to its demise.” To him, the next move is clear. “With Netanyahu gone, I expect Biden to squeeze Israel to make dangerous concessions to Islam. Another globalists win!”

Mansour Abbas is grinning from ear to ear over the news.

Arabs are ecstatic

It’s not often that folks get to see “an Islamist politician” from the Arab minority in Israel grinning from ear to ear and endorsing “a far-right Jewish leader and his allies.” But that was the photo of the day out of Gaza.

Mansour Abbas endorsed Bennett as prime minister and handed him the governing majority. They did it under the theory that any enemy of my enemy must be my friend. They call that “diplomacy.”

It allowed the “tiny Islamist faction” to nail down “a paper-thin majority for Jewish parties hoping to unseat” the longest serving premier Israel ever knew. They just created a special party of terrorists.

The United Arab List “would be the first party drawn from the country’s 21% Arab minority – Palestinian by heritage, Israeli by citizenship.”

For his part, Bennett doesn’t seem to be bothered to team up with a known terrorist. Any “reservations he may have had were allayed,” he claims, because there “was not one nationalist word” in Abbas’ demands. Together, they sold Israel to the New World Order “We decided to join the government in order to change the balance of political forces in the country.”

It’s all over but the screaming. “I say here clearly and frankly: when the very establishment of this government is based on our support…we will be able to influence it and accomplish great things for our Arab society,” Abbas gloated.

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