Israel Lights Palestinians Up Like the 4th of July [Videos and Things]


It was the Fourth of July in Palestine Tuesday night when the pros over at the Israeli Defense Forces lit up an office building by blowing it away. The two sides have been exchanging rockets but Hamas missiles have been neutralized by Jerusalem’s “Iron Dome” defense shield while projectiles launched by Israel have been extremely successful and surgically precise.

Israel on heavy offensive

Leadership in Israel has had enough of the rocket attacks which Hamas has been sending at them relentlessly of late and they decided to do something about it.

While the Palestinian rockets get neutralized by their Israeli missile defenses, on Tuesday, the shock and awe airstrike resulted in the deaths of some top Hamas decision makers. Targeted were senior intelligence and counter-intelligence officers.

Missiles launched by Israel hit their targets hard. “Our fighter jets, with the ISA, neutralized key figures of Hamas’ intelligence: Hassan Kaogi, head of the Hamas military intelligence security department & his deputy Wail Issa, head of the military intelligence counterespionage department,” they Tweeted.

They couldn’t help bragging about it too. “Looks like our intel was better.”

While the IDF did their best to limit collateral damage and surgically take out the military elite and the offensive missile emplacements, Hamas wasn’t nearly as careful. Palestinian rocket attacks are launched directly against civilians.

Early Wednesday morning, Hamas was caught “firing an anti-tank missile at a jeep driving on a road in Israel.” That incident killed one and injured three more Israelis.

A joint operation

As reported by the Shin Bet security service, a total of four top Hamas commanders were killed “in joint operation with the Israel Defense Forces.”

The lucky Arabs off to meet their 72 virgins are “Bassem Issa, the commander of Hamas’s Gaza City Brigade; Jamaa Tahla, the head of its cyber command and responsible for improving the accuracy of the group’s rockets

Also extracted were Jamal Zabeda, the head of research and special projects in its munitions productions department; and Hazzem Hatib, Hamas’s chief engineer in its munitions department.”

Leadership in Israel won’t be easing the heat up any though.

Even before the fireworks, the IDF has been busy taking out top terrorists. “Sami Radwan, who leads Hamas’s technical intelligence department, and Walid Smali, who was in charge of industrial equipment for the group’s weapons production department, were also killed in earlier attacks on Hamas sites.”

Israel has already put the region on notice that they’re extending “emergency restrictions for the southern portion of the country for two weeks.”

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