Police Just Let Him Out of Jail…He’s Getting Away with This

Judge Charges Dismissed Court
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Earlier this week, a group of Los Angeles Sheriff recruits were run over.

Out of the 75 recruits, 25 of them were injured.

Of those, five have sustained life-altering injuries.

The man who did it was just set free.

No Charges

I have seen the crime scene photos.

While not a forensic expert, I have seen enough to see the signs of a car out of control by accident.

This scene did not appear as such.

The driver moved into the oncoming lane, barreled through the recruits, and only stopped because he hit a pole.

Police were investigating this as an intentional act, but the driver, Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, 22, has just been set free.

According to local authorities, there was “insufficient evidence” to hold him or charge him.

To steal a line from “Top Gun,” you mean other than the injured bodies?

I mean, seriously, is this guy really going to get away with this?

Source: Just the News

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