They Finally Got a Poll Right, and It Matters BIG TIME


Even after the events of the Capitol Siege, and endless smear campaigns from the left, Frank Luntz has this poll right and it is “YUUGE”!

The Washington Examiner revealed Wednesday that a new series of Luntz polls show that, “Despite their criticism of his conduct since November 3rd and last week, 𝟵𝟭% of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if another presidential election were held today,” Luntz tweeted Monday. However, Luntz’s twitter thread of results was extensive and some of the responses were even more eye-opening.

Luntz wrote,

“𝟳𝟯% of Trump voters still say the election system is “rigged,” even after being reminded that Trump and his allies lost more than 60 cases in court challenging election results.”

Socialism and Radical Leftists, Our Greatest Threats

As anyone with a moment’s familiarity with President Trump’s supporters would attest, the greatest threats to America’s security are Socialism at 16%, The Radical Left at 15% and yes, the Fake News Media at 15%. In the poll, 78% of Trump voters agree with the President’s  increasingly convincing claims that it was “stolen.” and unsurprisingly 67% believe if the votes were counted “accurately and fairly,” Trump would win easily.

Who is to blame for the US Capitol Siege?

President Trump’s supporters responded loud and clear that, as most uncorrupted media outlets report: Antifa provocateurs were overwhelmingly responsible for the Capitol Siege with establishment Democrats and the President’s supporters taking more a minor role, while judging Trump’s responsibility as almost negligible. This was proven out this week with the arrest of multiple leftist instigators captured on video.

The Most Troubling Poll of All

In what the embattled pollster called the “question had the most ominous responses from Trump voters” Luntz asked if Trump supporters may have to use force to “save the traditional American way of life” and 64% agreed, making it clear that conservatives feel the 2020 Election was indeed an attack on our very way of life.

And just how broken is our trust in the Electoral system? According to Luntz, 61% of Trump voters say the will “never trust American election results again”. And judging from the continued exposure of new evidence, coupled with absolutely no action to make it right: why should they?

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