The Mike Lindell Video that is Absolutely Damning


In the introductory presentation to Mike Lindell‘s three-day Cyber Symposium on the 2020 Election US Army Colonel(Ret.) Phil Waldron, a renowned cybersecurity expert laid out in broad strokes the absolutely damning findings that a broad coalition of researchers uncovered, which lead to the conclusion that the electoral system of the United States has been fatally compromised by hostile foreign and domestic actors.

The following is the video briefing that is being systematically purged from all mainstream internet pages, and maligned and discredited by the media.

The Absolutely Damning Video That Opened Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

Col. Waldron began,

“After the 2018 midterm elections, an investigation was launched to delve into irregularities in the U.S. Election results. Detailed logs documented entries into the tabulation system for the election itself and the team saw many anomalies in areas of extreme concern. Then in November 2020, multiple groups of concerned Americans came together because they all observed something incredible in the 2020 General Elections. The groups united to launch a full-scale investigation led by former members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, NASA, the U.S. National Laboratories, private investigations, and cybersecurity companies and legal firms from around the country. The discoveries gained through intense forensic research left everyone involved deeply concerned about the future of our nation and our world. 

While the U.S. media will undoubtedly discredit this information as ‘far-right conspiracy theory’, the fact is: the people involved in this investigation represent all colors, all creeds, and all political parties. To ignore this message is to surrender to a government takeover that will gravely affect the lives of every man, woman, and child of every nation. If there ever was an authentic, non-partisan issue: this is it.

In 1970, Henry Kissinger said: ‘ Who controls the food supply controls the people, Who controls the energy can control whole continents. Who controls the money can control the world.’ This concept is critical to understanding the thinking of those who seek to cripple and control America. To achieve their goal they’ve got to disrupt families, divide races, destroy small businesses, dismantle the middle class, and distort the American dream of owning land, a home, and everything necessary for the pursuit of happiness and sovereignty.”

“In collusion with our foreign adversaries, these treasonous few are working hard to tear down the last standing wall between them and their agenda of global domination. That wall is you: the American people.

By focusing on specific election system vulnerabilities, our investigation confirmed that the entire U.S. election system is under the total control of private equity firms and foreign money.”

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Precisely The Reaction That Was Predicted

In a truly epic example of “timing is everything” according to Reuters, Dominion leaked word to the media that they are suing One America News Network and Newsmax Media, Inc. as well as another lawsuit making similar allegations against businessman Patrick Byrne, the former chief executive of online retailer, Inc. just as Lindell’s symposium kicked off. It’s a classic lawfare move, it’s brute force intimidation.

Reuters wrote, “The lawsuits are the latest legal actions taken by Denver-based Dominion against Trump allies that amplified false theories about the firm.  In each of the three lawsuits filed on Monday, Dominion is seeking more than $1.6 billion in damages, citing lost profits and other harms. “

The sheer volume of mainstream media reporting which seeks to defame and delegitimize the efforts of Lindell’s team is indicative of the overwhelming fear the left and mainstream media are consumed by. Lindell and his team have reported multiple massive Dedicated Denial of Service attacks on their website and attempted hacks to disrupt their systems at the symposium. They simply cannot allow this information to become widely known.

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