My Pillow Guy Refusing to Back Down, Continues Hunt for the ‘Steal’


CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell joined Steve Bannon in the War Room May 26th after being turned away from the Republican Governors Association Dinner in Nashville, TN despite his credentials for the three-day event being in-hand and in good order. Lindell claims he was invited to the event and has the receipts to prove it. Lindell told Banner, “It was the only reason I came to Nashville and I have the pass to prove it.”

According to Politico, “a few minutes after he collected his credential at the JW Marriott Hotel, an event coordinator in the lobby told him he was not allowed at any of the official RGA events.”

Mr. Lindell showed his Calendar invitation for the event as well as the confidential agenda sent by the RGA as well as his “Executive Roundtable” badge.

Challenging Governors Ducey and Kemp

A prominent figure in the ongoing battle for election integrity, Lindell was fired up by this confrontation. According to Lindell he was informed by the RGA representative he spoke with that the refusal of his admission “has something to do with Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey”. This sent Mike into battle-mode calling out Kemp and Ducey as “Cowards” and stated they “Need to come clean”.

“The RGA, Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey who is the chairman should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done. It’s all a part of this cancel out. Think if they’re that afraid to talk to me. You think they could talk to a Democrat? How could they have any kind of courage? They’re cowards, both of them are cowards. Either that or they are hiding something that is so beyond anything we can imagine. A personal agenda. It certainly can’t be something for their party, for their political agenda. They’re Republicans!”

Lindell went on to ask how Gov. Ducey could become Chair of the RGA and how Gov. Kemp could be placed in charge of election integrity. He continued stating that both Governors have actively worked to hinder audits in their own states. The My Pillow CEO then offered to meet with both Governors and show them the information that his team of investigators has uncovered.

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Lindell Says He’s Bringing ‘The Steal’ To The Supreme Court

Almost half-way through the interview, Mr. Lindell clearly incensed at the injustice of the situation revealed that he plans to bring his case before the United States Supreme Court “in five or six weeks”

“I’ll tell you what, it’s beyond belief. When we finally get this to the Supreme Court in five or six weeks, and they pull this election down 9-0. Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey will have to explain, just like Fauci is now about the conspiracy and the lies that he did to the American people. You’re going to have Brian Kemp and Douc Ducey front and center. Tell us why you did this Doug and Brian!

And I can’t wait for that day when MSNBC goes: ‘You know what we said it was just a conspiracy, but it looks like its all true. China attacked our country through the machines, the people were right all along. Why did these governors, why did these people obstruct? And we’re gonna get answers, that’ll be the second phase.”

If Lindell’s estimation is accurate that would place the SCOTUS proceedings in early July, which interestingly dovetails with dubiously sourced reports the mainstream media has spread that President Trump “Expects to be reinstated by mid-August”

According to, “Reporter Maggie Haberman of The New York Times responded to a tweet by CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan on Tuesday. He wrote: “Talk of a Myanmar-style coup in the United States has been popular among some Trump supporters and QAnon believers for months.”

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