The Enemy of the People Explains Who the Enemy of the People Is


The leftist mainstream media has demonstrably proven in the last two years that they are either aligned with or confirmably are the true “Enemy of the People” as President Trump called them. And now they are deigning to tell you the American people who the “enemy” truly is.

In their view: its the Republicans of the Senate who are refusing to cooperate with Democrats’ goal of making the January 6th “insurrection” as they call it, the next 9/11, the next Pearl Harbor, the next Bombardment of Ft. Sumter, the next national trauma which they can use to justify transforming our nation into a Democratic Socialist State.

The most recent example of this came from ‘ The ReidOut‘ with Joy Reid as provided by MRC Newsbusters, and it was obviously manifest how detached from reality these mainstream leftist hosts have become with Reid and her guests merely the latest example of the extent of the madness.

As Joy and her guests echoed feigned shock and disbelief that Republicans would refuse to acquiesce to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s latest dogmatic inquisition they displayed readily that the left is not interested in co-existing with anyone outside of their party’s worldview.

The Radical World View Of  A Media Extremist

Reid presented a purely fantastical account of the January 6th Capitol riot, charged with hyperbole telling her audience,

This is a party of sedition, violence, white nationalism, and what we’re hearing from even the President is we’re going to work with them. Really? Because they literally were going to allow the government —— to be decapitated even if they themselves were going to be killed and Mike Pence to be hung. That’s what y’all should be talking about. I don’t get it.”

Jason Johnson agreed telling Reid,

“I don’t know why Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren and all the leadership aren’t running around the country saying, “the Republican party wants you to die. They didn’t want you to get money for COVID and they want your whole government to be decapitated.

That should be the answer out of Chuck Schumer’s mouth every single minute of every single day as opposed to some variation of Susan Collins of, “I’m concerned that the party— who’s been acting the same way for the last 35 years continues to act that way.”

The Leftist Propaganda Media Are the Enemy of The People– Not True Journalists

The mainstream media has tried to paint the conservative right and President Trump as being hostile to a free press, which couldn’t be further from the truth, the trouble is… they aren’t the free press anymore, they haven’t been for a long time. In order to find the “true journalists” you have to look places they don’t want to, and some unlikely places too.

You need to look at Elijah Schaeffer, Andy Ngo, Brendan Gutenschwager, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and yes… even Steven Crowder’s Louder With Crowder. These are the “true journalists” with the exception of Crowder who is an avowed comedian who breaks news sometimes. But these are the outlets doing the best journalistic work in 2021, not CNN, MSNBC, Disney/ABC, CBS or even Fox News anymore.

These members of the “media” are setting the stage for precisely what the leftists want: for both sides, conservative and liberal to conclude that they cannon coexist with their ideological opponents, because they don’t even exist in the same reality any longer.

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