Hatchet Wielding Wild Man Caught on Cam Bloody Attack Inside Bank


Hatchet swinging Aaron Garcia gives new meaning to the phrase “hack attack.” The maniac was caught on a Manhattan bank’s surveillance cameras as he tried to chop apart an unnamed ATM customer, who’s now in intensive care fighting for his life.

A professional hatchet man?

The obviously deranged attacker seems either intoxicated, or in his own little world, but the way he was wielding his weapon makes it look like he was a trained killer at some point in his past. The unnamed victim may be alive today because he was wearing a back pack. Strangely, liberals aren’t screaming for hatchet control laws.

The way Aaron Garcia was holding his weapon and swinging like a baseball bat for the man’s lower back is a classic “silent kill” blow. The kind they teach you in the special forces when you need to take someone out without making a fuss. The video clearly shows how the backpack spoiled his aim and he had to strike lower. The victim may be alive but he was still seriously injured by the relentless assault.

Surgeons “drained fluid” from the victim’s brain “during emergency surgery,” charging court documents note. As of Wednesday, August 18, the man “was left unable to walk” due to “the severity of the injuries” sustained in the hatchet attack early Sunday.

At his initial appearance on Thursday, liberal prosecutors in New York City actually charged Aaron Garcia with crimes, which is unusual these days. They say they are really going to follow through and go to court and everything, this time, accusing Garcia of “attempted murder, assault and menacing.” The prison will probably let him back out so he doesn’t catch Covid-19’s Delta variant.

The hatchet man’s day started early. He first “threatened a man inside a bank on Broadway,” calmly informing a man “I should f—ing kill you,” around 4:05 a.m., but the police let him wander around loose for another hour.

They don’t have funding to go looking for maniacs who threaten bank customers. They notified the team of social workers and that was the end of it.

Victim struck repeatedly

Local news outlets report that a “little more than an hour later, Garcia allegedly repeatedly struck a different man in the bank repeatedly with the hatchet,” quoting the prosecutors.

The Video shows how it began. The man is casually minding his own business but you can tell that it made him nervous that the edgy looking guy pacing around behind him had a hand-ax.

Suddenly the attacker moves in to strike. Swinging low and level right for the small of the back. Luckily he only struck the man’s upper thigh but it was still enough to send the victim reeling.

The dazed man ducked and defended one hatchet blow after another before being beaten to the floor. After that, Garcia vented his rage on the ATM machines, smashing in all the screens.

As far as police and city officials can tell, there was no connection at all between Garcia and the victim. As part of the court records, his doctors note that “he gets dizzy after slight exertion because of his injuries.” The police had encountered Garcia before, but without his hatchet.

On August 3, he “kicked someone in the face” on South Street. That’s another indicator that he had some special training in hand-to-hand combat. It’s easy to kick someone in the knee. Kicking someone in the face is a whole lot harder. He’s due back in court on August 23. We’ll see how long he stays off the streets. Antifa® is likely to pin a medal on him and put him in charge of a regiment of Black Lives Matter™ irregulars.

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