Student Nearly BEATEN TO DEATH – Teacher Did NOTHING [WATCH]

Student Nearly BEATEN TO DEATH – Teacher Did NOTHING

A viral video of a teenage girl being beaten nearly to death by another student has been circulating around social media, leaving parents questioning why the teacher stood by and allowed the vicious attack to take place without taking any action.

The video, which was taken by another student in a classroom at Las Vegas High School in Nevada, shows a teenage girl sitting in her chair at her desk. Another female student walks up behind her and begins punching her in the back of the head repeatedly.

This goes on for approximately fifteen seconds, as the attacker delivers dozens of blows to the back and side of the teenager’s head. The girl does not fight back, instead just covering her head until she appears to fall unconscious, with her head on her desk. This doesn’t stop her attacker though, who continues to deliver several more blows before turning around and walking away.

“No, no, stop. Stop, get off of her,” the teacher can be heard saying near the beginning of the video, out of view of the camera, in a surprisingly calm voice as she gently tries to grab the arm of the violent student.

The student’s arm easily slips out of the teacher’s grasp, and she seems to give up, allowing the beating to continue.

Throughout the incident, the other students in the classroom can actually be heard laughing, which has brought up a lot of concern from people on social media, many of whom are calling for the parents of these students to discipline their “sociopathic” children.


According to Clark County School District Police Lt. Bryan Zink, the attacker was arrested and charged with battery on the day of the incident, but she may be facing more charges after the victim’s injuries are reviewed.

“The victim was seen by medical and then we encourage the mother to take her to get further medical and get checked out,” Zink told Fox News Digital. “We’re just waiting to hear back from the parent on the extent of any injuries before we can move forward with additional charges.”

Board of Trustee President Irene Cepeda released a statement via email regarding the incident, which read:

“The CCSD Board of School Trustees and superintendent take every incident of violence seriously, regardless of who commits the violence. As recently as last Wednesday (3. Focus: 2024 Priority Area Ensure Students and staff are safe and students are engaged at school), at our joint work session, the trustees and superintendent reiterated their commitment to safety in schools and ensuring schools are places where students and staff feel safe, and education can occur.


“This is attempted murder. And the teacher? Well, we know how brave and responsible they are. Nobody even tries to stop this animal,” wrote journalist David Reaboi.

“Horrific. And the teacher and students stood by. My God. Later, school officials said they had zero tolerance for bullying. This looks like attempted murder to me,” wrote Christina Sommers, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

“This why my daughters train Jiujitsu,” said podcast host Andrew Wilkow.

“Every single adult in this room should face criminal negligence charges,” wrote Sam Mangold-Lenett, podcast host and writer at The Blaze.

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