State Helps Beef up Militia in Prep for Biden’s War on America


South Carolina can’t trust Joe Biden and his cronies any further than they can throw a fit. State Senator Tom Corbin is fighting hard to make sure the state’s unorganized militia is armed to the teeth before the Imperial Palace issues a decree to grab up all the guns. If His Wisdom wants to go to war against conservative America he’ll have a rough go of it in South Carolina.

Arm the militia now

The whole idea, which might just work this time, is make sure every redneck in South Carolina is armed with as much hardware and ammunition as they can afford before Joe Biden and his handlers decide to make sneaky changes in the laws. First, call everyone old enough to hold a weapon an “unorganized militia” member. Unless they “opt out,” of course.

Liberal gun-grabbers can scream about how federal law “supersedes” state law all they want but there are two ways around that. One is an amendment to the bill “that would let the legislation stand” no matter what the Palace declares. The other is the fact that to grab the guns by then, they’ll have to take them. Getting one bullet at a time in response.

The idea behind S.614 is to “define the weaponry” of the state’s “unorganized militia” to strengthen conservative rights. The Family and Veteran’s Services subcommittee in the state senate passed the bill into the full committee to be kicked around some more.

Under South Carolina law, it’s already well established that “any able bodied South Carolinian over the age of 17 is a member of the state’s ‘unorganized militia'” You can opt out if you object so it can’t be called conscription. The hunters, veterans, and basic firearms and military tech enthusiasts can put their hobby to good use any time the Governor needs help with a “war, riot, insurrection, invasion, or breach of the peace.”

Conservative lawmakers aim to lay out specifically that unorganized militia members can arm themselves. Senator Corbin of District 5, sponsor of the bill explains, “at the end of the day, the federal government cannot disarm a state standing army.

However, there is no definition under South Carolina law as to what the weaponry is of our unorganized militia.” It’s a loophole which needs to be closed before the Palace decides to get sneaky.

Exempt from changes

The bill spells out in black and white that “an unorganized militia member, at his own expense, shall have the right to possess and keep all arms that could be legally acquired or possessed by a South Carolina citizen as of December 31, 2020.” That nails it down so Biden can’t grab it away later.

Still, they wanted to be clear. “This includes, but is not limited to, shouldered rifles and shotguns, handguns, clips, magazines, all components, and all ammunition fitted for such weapons.” Liberals can’t put coherent sentences together when they hear that because it would “make members of the ‘unorganized militia’ exempt from changes to federal law.”

Corbin is worried about Biden and the new world order he represents. “It’s been a concern of mine and others that the federal government may in some form or fashion try to do some type of limitation of second amendment rights. I.E: confiscation, mandatory buy backs, something like that.”

He tried to do something similar once before during Barack Obama’s regime and it went down in flames. The anti-gun progressives say the militia doesn’t need the guarantee because “they have not heard of any plans by the federal government and Biden Administration to take away people’s Second Amendment rights.” Yeah, sure. These are the same officials who claim the 2020 election was “fair, accurate, and transparent.”

We already know that Congress has legislation that tightens up background checks in the works.

As District 36 conservative Senator Kevin Johnson points out, “we have too much stuff going on right now across the country: Colorado, the events of January 6th. I think we need to pass some sensible gun legislation.” Arm the militia to the teeth.

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