Biden Surrenders


Imperial Leader Joe Biden just surrendered to China. He’s putting America last once again and reversing the “tariffs” on steel and aluminum imports slapped down by Trump to reduce the national security threat of reliance on foreign metals.

America last for Biden

Liberal outlet Bloomberg is thrilled to report that His Wisdom Joe Biden waved his ball point scepter and made the playing-field leveling tariffs disappear.

Any program that was launched by Trump is destined for the trash can. Joe will be announcing the move to make Chinese products cheaper when he has an upcoming meeting with European leaders.

There are several real good reason why Once and Future President Donald Trump enacted stiff tariffs on Chinese goods, particularly strategic metals. To “stop U.S. dependence on foreign metals, which a government review found would be a national security threat.”

When the report came out, it “was of great concern that becoming dependent on imported steel and aluminum would enable other countries to use their metal production to regulate U.S. policy.” Joe Biden doesn’t mind Beijing holding things over our head.

The liberal carbon traders in the EU will be ecstatic when the official announcement comes. They were bitterly bent out of shape by Trump’s taxes.

They’ve been all over the palace to do something about it. “The European Union opposed many of the U.S. tariffs enacted by the Trump administration, which has led many to expect their push for Biden to agree to relieve them.”

Just crippled us

One thing is certain, the latest brilliant move by Joe, under the direction of his wide open borders globalist handlers, just crippled us. Us as in U.S., particularly the steel industry.

Trade groups across the country begged “Biden not to drop the tariffs that have been credited for creating thousand of jobs.” No worries, the palace will just send you unemployment checks for the rest of your life.

Things like “economics” aren’t the sturdy foundation rock of principles that they used to be. The latest “common core” version of economics is the hoodoo-voodoo affectionately called Modern Monetary Theory. Biden and the palace are all for it. You have to spend a whole bunch of money to boost the economy. That creates inflation.

To help people cope with the rising cost of living, everyone gets a raise. To keep it all from spiraling out of control, simply raise taxes. Tax everything and tax it hard. The whole thing just keeps rocking along until the ultimate collapse.

Even one report put out from the liberal side of the issue says that Trump’s tariffs were a good thing. Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge or accept that “the tariffs led to increased output, employment and capital investment by domestic manufacturers.”

We can’t have that. It puts America first and leaves China out in the cold. They gave Hunter enough money to make sure that Joe does whatever they tell him to do.

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