Sketchy FBI Plant, Durham Intrigue Incoming


Sergei Millian was nothing but a Deep State plant to cover Christopher Steele’s assets with the FBI. Beltway pundits are calling this revelation “jaw-dropping.” That’s because “it shows direct collaboration between the Clinton campaign and the Russian government in fomenting a baseless charge.” John Durham’s indictment of Igor Danchenko uncovered all the Deep State intrigue.

A well-developed FBI conspiracy

The network propaganda mills are scrambling to revise and redact their fraudulent reporting, now that Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier has been discredited. The FBI threw down the plausible deniability card already.

They were hoodwinked into doing Hillary Clinton’s bidding, they insist. John Durham’s indictment and arrest of Igor Danchenko blew the lid off everything.

Before now, everyone at the FBI acted like Sergei Millian was the source of the specific charge concerning “a ‘well-developed conspiracy’ of Trump-Russian electoral collusion.”

Now, we know that it was Clinton colluding with Russia to steal an election. Millian designated his apartment in Queens, New York, as headquarters of the “Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.” It’s been characterized as “a sketchy, dime-store organization.”

Christopher Steele himself led the FBI to believe that Millian played a role in his dossier but described him as a “boaster” and “embellisher,” to distance himself. That’s not what John Durham says.

It was really “long-time Clinton supporter” and “PR executive” Charles Dolan who came up with that particular idea. He has all sorts of nefarious ties to the Kremlin and spooky diplomatic “intelligence agents.”

FBI ‘actively fabricating’ lies

Everyone who thought Millian was a “dishonest Danchenko crony” was wrong. The “evidence suggests he was working for the FBI.”

If true, that would mean the bureau “was not just acting incompetently by vetting the partisan falsehoods of the dossier. Rather, it was, chillingly and actively fabricating them.”

While they were trying to entrap George Papadopoulos in January of 2017, one of the rats’ friends accidentally outed that “Sergei works for the FBI” then tried to play it off as a joke.

“An embarrassed Millian looked up at the ceiling, denying nothing.”

Earlier, Millian tried to tempt Papadopoulos with a cushy job paid for by the Kremlin, while wearing a wire. George didn’t take the bait. “The day of this conversation, October 7, 2016, is key, because at that time the FBI was desperately scrambling for any illegality by a Trump agent to strengthen its weak FISA application. Without an illegal act, the FISA warrant for Carter Page as a suspected Russian agent was doomed.”

When Millian blew it, the bureau of instigation switched to plan b. “Steele soon fabricated a huge payoff to Page by Rosneft, a Russian oil company, for supposed Republican platform concessions on Russia.”

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