Biden’s FBI Could Have Stopped it, They Didn’t

The FBI just blew it again, big time. The buck stops with Imperial Leader Joe Biden because his bureau could have stopped the King Soopers massacre and didn’t. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is another “known wolf” extremist who showed up as a bright red blip blinking on federal radar. Some say that they simply weren’t ready to bust him yet. The plan was to get credit for arresting him on “cue” just before he did a job they sent him on. You can’t trust the help these days, especially with names like that, and he went off on his own before they were ready.

Known to the FBI

Our Federal Bureau of Instigation has proven once again that they can’t find their own backside with both hands and a flashlight. Either FBI agents and officials are complete idiots, without even the first half of a clue, or they know exactly what they are doing. Americans can’t figure out which possibility is worse.

As the New York Times exposed over the weekend, “Syrian-born Colorado mass shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa had been on the FBI’s radar before he murdered 10 people in a grocery store.” He had a partner in crime who’s still on the loose.

According to law enforcement officials, “the suspect’s identity was previously known to the FBI because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau.”

Not only that, a police affidavit adds that “six days before Alissa shot 10 people to death, he purchased a pistol.” With all the liberal gun control rules, that means he needed to “pass a federal background check.” Guess which bureau is in charge of those?

The count of slain and wounded which the instigators could have prevented is enormous. All the incidents have names burned into the collective American consciousness. Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Pulse nightclub, Parkland. The maniacs were all known to the bureau.

Several “had been interviewed by the FBI before they went on killing sprees.” Most recently, the 2020 RV bomber made a serious crater in Nashville. His ex told the feds that he was building bombs in his RV a year before. The feds knew he was convinced that shape-shifting reptilians were controlling his mind with 5G technology.

Send in the barbarians

There seems to be a reason why the FBI hasn’t been real good at stopping mass shooters. There is a huge chance that an underground unit of federal trolls calling themselves “Q-Anon” mine social media for unstable radicals with political motivations. Whenever they need a false-flag event or a high profile bust, they prod their subjects into action. The plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a perfect example.

The Federalist points out that “by inserting agents into their social group who presented the plan,” the bureau “got them to appear to go along,” at least on the recordings. They’re convinced the same thing appears to have had happened with the barbarian invasion of the Capitol on January 6.

The real reason for the existence of the FBI goes back to its roots. Founded by J. Edgar Hoover, the bureau was formed around Hoover’s extensive collection of blackmail files. He had dirt on everyone. Today, operations like Crossfire Hurricane make Watergate look like nothing but a lame burglary.

Obamagate operatives forged evidence and got away with it clean. By lying to a secret court, the feds got a wiretap warrant on a political candidate, then had it extended in an effort to stage a White House coup. They got away with that cold too. Everybody in the intelligence community knows now that everybody was well aware that Christopher Steele’s dirty dossier was a work of pure fiction paid for by Hillary Clinton and didn’t care. They used it to illegally sabotage Donald Trump anyway.

Now that the election has been stolen fair and square and Trump is gone from office, The FBI is out to target every single conservative. Nationalism is an unspeakable word in the post-constitutional new world order we’re under now.

Anyone who was inside the District of Columbia on January 6, whether they breached the Capitol Building or just hung out at the park, is destined for a jail cell. They’re offering cash for names. “Investigators who typically work cases involving the trafficking of drugs, child pornography and sex have taken calls from rioter’s angry ex-wives and former girlfriends and employers turned tipsters.”

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