Russian Intel Chief Gets Caught


A senior Russian military intelligence officer has actually been imprisoned in a Moscow Maximum Security Prison, with President Vladimir Putin obviously blaming him for enormous failures in Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The U.K.’s Telegraph reported the shakeup in Russia’s authoritarian federal government on Tuesday. Col. Gen. Sergei Beseda, of the Russian security service referred to by the initials FSB, has actually been jailed in Lefortovo Prison, a Tsarist-era center that was active in the Soviet years and is still utilized today to apprehend presumed traitors and nationwide security risks.

The Telegraph mentioned Russian reporter Andrei Soldatov, who reported Monday that Beseda had actually initially been put on house arrest prior to his transfer to Lefortovo.

“It’s a tradition of sorts. If you screw up, you need to look for traitors to blame it on. So they started looking for spies,” Soldatov told the Telegraph.

The executive director of Bellingcat, an investigative journalism company, likewise suggested that Beseda was dismissed because of Russia’s Ukraine failures.

Beseda was imprisoned for “reporting false information to the Kremlin about the real situation in Ukraine before the invasion,” said Bellingcat’s Christo Grozev, according to The U.S. Sun.

Beseda is the head of the foreign intelligence system for the FSB, Russia’s equivalent of the American FBI, the Telegraph reported.

The intelligence authorities had actually checked out Ukraine quickly prior to his arrest.

Putin thought that Russian soldiers would be welcomed as liberators by pro-Russian Ukrainians in the “special military operation,” Russia expert Alexey Muraviev informed the Sun.

Rather, attempts to capture the capital of Kyiv ended in overall failure, a core operational objective Russia projected it would accomplish in 3 days.

A supposed network of pro-Russian Military officers and Ukrainian authorities didn’t emerge in the aftermath of the invasion as predicted, indicating Putin was misguided about the FSB’s level of influence in the nation.

Russia has actually downsized its military operations in Ukraine to the south and the east of the nation,

Russia likewise believes that invasion strategies were dripped to the west in the advance of the war.

“In the weeks preceding the invasion, US media repeatedly quoted intelligence sources that seemed to have a unique insight into the Kremlin’s preparations for the upcoming war against Ukraine,” the Telegraph reported.

Those obvious leakages were “definitely unpleasant” for the FSB, Soldatov informed the Telegraph.

Grozev informed the paper that 150 FSB representatives in Beseda’s system have actually been fired or imprisoned.

Putin was seen browbeating a senior FSB official in a public appearance days prior to the operation.

Military intelligence breaches have hinted at dysfunction and disarray in Russia’s invasion, with soldiers speaking freely of deceptiveness on the part of their leaders and uncertain mission objectives.

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