Report: Chinese Company Profited Off of American Tax Dollars During Pandemic


In 2021 a Chinese-owned real-estate firm called “Fundrise” is becoming an integral part of the “Great Reset” which has been inflicted upon the Western World since the emergence of the Chinese-originated variant Coronavirus COVID-19 in 2020. Does that sound sketchy to you? Wait. It gets worse: Firms like Fundrise are thriving in the fallout of the massive economic collapse caused by the COVID19 panic and this particular firm benefited from the PPP loan program designed to help American businesses survive.

On Fundrise’s 2020 investment page they wrote,

“We were extremely fortunate to receive an SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan.”

The effect is only exacerbated when you find out that Fundrise is basically a crowdfunding option for investing in real estate, something akin to eTrade or Robinhood for stocks but allowing crowd investment instead in properties.

The company crowdfunds for investment and then buys up massive amounts of property in a distressed market. It’s no wonder that Chinese Social Media platform (Read: Propaganda machine for the CCP) Renren decided to pump $31 Million into the company.

Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2010 Fundrise was already somewhat successful with investors piling in about $1 Million per week and more than $15 Million from over a thousand investors since the company began in 2010.

According to BizJournals,

 “Projects in not only the D.C. area, but New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco as well have all been funded by the platform.

“This raise represents Wall Street’s and Commercial Real Estate’s embrace of crowdfunding as the future of real estate finance and investment,” said Fundrise co-founder Ben Miller.”

Chinese Money flowing into American Real Estate

Renren, the Beijing headquartered Social-Networking platform was notably raided by the CCP politburo in February and now bends the knee to the Communist overlords. According to Radio Free Asia,

“Police detained 14 people in a Feb. 3 raid on the offices of the Renren Yingshi video-sharing app and website, on suspicion of copyright piracy linked to more than 20,000 Chinese and foreign-made movies and TV shows.

Suspects were detained in the eastern province of Shandong, the central province of Hubei and the southwestern region of Guangxi, ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) newspaper the People’s Daily reported.”

And just two months later they’re pumping $31 million into an American property investment company? Consider this: the original seed investment for this company…. was $2 Million. So who is in charge at Fundrise? The co-founder in D.C., or the money-men in Beijing under the CCP boot?

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