Ramaswamy UPENDS Debate… Pisses Off EVERYONE

Vivek Ramaswamy
Vivek Ramaswamy

By all accounts, the presidential debate that took place this week was far better than what Fox had put forward in the past.

However, there were some ugly moments that created quite a buzz.

Among them, one in particular stood out, which was when Vivek Ramaswamy brought Nikki Haley’s child into the debate.

Low Blow

Generally speaking, you do not bring young children into politics.

Minors are always off-limits, but even children who are not in the political arena are generally kept out of these conversations. (Hunter is fair game at this point due to the political nature of business dealings.)

Ramaswamy broke that silent rule during this exchange with Haley…

The pushback against Vivek was immediate, some not so nice.

One of the kinder comments that was made on this was by Nicole Schlinger, a longtime Iowa-based conservative strategist.

She stated, “Ultimately, I don’t think going after Nikki Haley’s daughter will do him any favors.”

I would tend to agree.

Haley was being nice when she called him “scum,” not to mention her daughter using the app compared to his campaign using the app are night and day.

The man is a grifter and he can never be allowed into our government.

Source: Fox News

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