Pelosi FLIPS on Biden… RIPS Administration

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) threw a bit of a hissy fit this week.

Pelosi was upset that someone spilled the beans about her Taiwan visit to the media.

While she did her best to leave Joe out of this, she laid a left hook in the jaw of his staffers.

You Tried to Hurt Me

So, if we are being honest, we all know Nancy’s trip to Taiwan was nothing more than a taxpayer-funded photo-op.

It worked because all kinds of people are flying over there to get a handshake photo and come back home.

Pelosi thinks someone on Biden’s staff was hoping that by leaking her trip, she would have been too worried about security and backed out.

This would have been because Joe made it pretty clear he did not want Nancy to go, but she needed the positive headline, so she made the trip.

Pelosi stated, “Any attack on me personally is not associated with the President but with some smaller anonymous voices within the administration who endangered the security of our visit by leaking the trip even before it was determined that we would indeed visit Taiwan.

“These small anonymous voices cannot be allowed to indicate any division between the White House and the Congress on Taiwan.”

Something tells me this is not the end of this mess.

Pelosi just poked the bear, and we all know Joe is not in charge, so she better hope the leaker of the trip is not the one actually calling the shots.

Source: Daily Caller

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