Judge Screws Over Police, Sides With Domestic Terrorists


A federal judge decided to say F U to police officers and decides to side with domestic terrorists instead.

Judge Sides with Terrorists Over Police

The Seattle Police Department was found in contempt by a judge for violating an order to stop the “indiscriminate” use of chemical sprays or projectiles when officers are in serious danger.

Seattle is swamped with Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups and snaky politicians who want anarchy.

Judge Richard Jones shocked many with his Monday ruling when he said the Western District of Seattle police department had not proven their use of pepper spray, paintballs and other chemical irritants were warranted during a violent Black Lives Matter riot.

Evidence is Ignored

After a huge amount of evidence, which included video footage and police reports, the judge did say officers were justified in using those specified weapons in another four instances.

“Surely, compared to its uses of less-lethal weapons earlier this year when this action was first brought, SPD’s uses at these four protests appear to be more restrained,” Jones wrote in a 27-page order.

He said the department’s “more targeted and proportional” use of the weapons since the initial injunction was issued, but added, “the court cannot ignore the clear violations.”

The city tried to argue that it should not be held liable for the individual actions of police officers. However, Jones dismissed this too.

Antifa and BLM Get Away with Violence

The judge discussed his distaste of officers using rubber-coated blast balls on occasions when rioters were becoming extremely dangerous.

“SPD has often hurled blast balls into crowds of protesters. In many cases, the accuracy of these baseball-style throws is suspect,” Jones explained. He added that “they pose a greater collateral danger” to peaceful protesters than projectiles fired from a semi-automatic launcher.

How likely is it that this judge is a hard-core liberal? It seems if you were a betting person, your odds would be very good if you labeled him a Democrat.

  1. When judges become corrupt criminals then it’s time to remove them from the equation . The police should arrest the judge for their corruption . The judges are not above the law . If you have to , kill them like they let the terrorists kill the police and kids . Are not the police there to up hold our laws ??? Even if a corrupt judge stands against them , The police are there for a reason . I know the police here where I live I made it a point to know them . I wav to them as they go by . I have no fear of them . I have no reason to hate them . Their there for a reason , and one of them reasons is to protect me and my family . I back the police if they need it . I was a war trained vet , a weapon specialist in a recon unit . A few policemen here are vets , so we have something in common . Always back your police department, no matter what … always have their backs . It may save your life one day . As far as corrupt judges go … they sit in the corrupt delusional democrats states , my state is one of them . They stold our votes so corrupt perverted old joe could win . Never trust a state that backs corruption in the government for power . Never trust a corrupt delusional democrat

  2. That judge should be disbarred. To side w/the rioters (antifa/blm) is a disgrace. So it looks like he doesn’t care about any damage or injuries to innocent people. Yes, it sure does look like he is a dem/lib. Truly unbelievable.

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