Whoever is running Rep. McCarthy’s (R-CA) website should be out of a job today.

The moron accidentally published the entire electoral playbook.

While it was only up for a second, it was long enough for Pelosi’s army to take a screenshot and post it on her website.

Now They Know

In all honesty, this was exactly a secret, but as the left loves doing, Pelosi is sensationalizing everything.

The main aspect of the plan is to push voter ID laws to secure our elections and to protect the unborn.

This is common sense on the right, but it is considered extremist by the left.

Think about that… verifying someone’s identity before they vote and protecting babies is now considered extremist.

I kid you not.

Pelosi’s reaction to the leaked agenda?

She wrote, “Their extreme agenda also pledges to make it harder for Americans to vote, purge eligible voters from the rolls, give extreme MAGA state legislatures absolute power to change the rules of elections at whim, and help insert extreme MAGA allies to disrupt polling places and vote-counting, in order to help MAGA politicians invent a basis to overturn the results of elections they don’t like.”

McCarthy has not yet commented on the leak, but I imagine some heads will roll over this.

Source: Just the News

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