Man Throws His Own Penis Out Window Like a Banana on Mario Kart During High Speed Police Chase


Cops expect people to throw all sorts of things out their windows as they roar away on a high speed chase but this one is more than a little different. It wasn’t a knife, gun, or drugs this Tennessee man flung, but his own pecker. HIPPA won’t let anyone say if they found it or not. If he survives, Tyson Gilbert will seriously regret what he did Wednesday night.

The chase is on

When the Tennessee Highway Patrol first spotted the Honda Accord it was parked and “partially blocking the highway” in Dowelltown. The second they activated the red and blues, 39-year-old Tyson Gilbert “took off.” When “I pulled up behind him and turned my lights on he took off and refused to stop. He was all over the road the whole time,” Trooper Bobby Johnson reports.

He was apparently already flying, seemingly high on something. That’s the only reason anyone can think of for what he did next. It turned into a chase involving “multiple police departments and two branches of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.”

As the press is describing, during the pursuit, Gilbert threw his own phallus “out of the window of his Honda Accord like a banana on a Mario Kart track.” Trooper Johnson explains that “he turned off on Old Liberty Road and came to a stop.”

When he “opened his door. He was naked and covered in blood.” The chase wasn’t over yet though. “He then shut his door and kept driving.” A THP spokesperson “couldn’t confirm the state of the man’s penis, or whether anyone found it on the road and took it to the hospital for him, because of HIPAA privacy laws.”

The resident of Cookeville in Putnam County “led police officers on a wild car chase through two counties in Tennessee as he hared towards the Interstate” on Wednesday morning, September 1. “Gibert led them from Dowelltown into Wilson county, and then into Watertown.”

They tried using stop sticks but that didn’t work. “The police managed to lay down spikes on the road which burst Gilbert’s tires, but he kept control of the vehicle into Watertown and was heading for the Interstate.”

Until they boxed him in

The spikes didn’t do more than slow him down. “The first spike strips got one of his front tires and the second got the other tire. After that it became a slow speed pursuit with him running on his rims until we boxed him in.”

The total chase “lasted for nearly 30 miles.” By that time Gilbert was ready for some first aid. “He asked for medical attention, and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.” Police relate that “voices on the radio told him to do it in order to save the world.”

This wild chase wasn’t the first encounter Gilbert had with the local police. in 2020 he was charged with car theft and resisting arrest. That time, the Nashville Airport Police caught him stealing four rental cars, one-by-one.

He was “charged with three counts of attempted theft of property, attempted theft of services, and resisting arrest, and was jailed on a $61,000 bond. It is not clear when he was released from custody.” Before that, he was “previously incarcerated in Putnam Country Jail in 2017.”

Not only does he like to steal cars and lead cops on a high speed chase, Gilbert isn’t real popular in the community. Some friends of his on Facebook “painted a picture of a tormented and aggressive man.”

One user posted “I worked with this man and he is not a good person. He almost hit me with his truck on the job site.”

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