She Stripped Down Naked, Then Led Police on High Speed Chase [VIDEO]


One recent Thursday afternoon in Arkansas, Deidra Lewis decided to steal a pickup truck pulling a trailer full of property. Police didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with but chased her at high speed and kept throwing stop sticks down until they got one to work. When she finally exited the vehicle she was naked.

Naked and reckless

Officer Jimmy Harmon with the Lamar Police Department didn’t know that the white Ford pickup was stolen in the city of Lamar when it nearly hit him head on around 4:14 p.m., on Thursday March 25.

He started chasing it and lost it because of “property falling out the trailer in front of him.” Around that time, the owner was reporting it stolen, and advising there were weapons in the vehicle. Nobody knew the driver was a naked woman.

Trooper Lonnie Moore with the Arkansas State Police heard the radio call and jumped on I-40 attempting to locate the naked suspect. Johnson County Dispatch advised that “the victim of the stolen vehicle called 911 and said there were several loaded guns in the vehicle at the time it was taken.”

By 4:22 p.m. Moore located the truck. He radioed in that he “observed a white Ford truck pulling a trailer passing westbound.”

After confirming that it was indeed the vehicle reported stolen, “Moore attempted to make a traffic stop, but the driver refused to pull over, so he advised dispatch of a pursuit.”

The naked driver led them on a merry chase. Backup from another Johnson County unit “took lead initially for a few miles before passing the vehicle and getting a few hundred feet ahead.”

Spike sticks at 70 mph

Clarksville police got into the action and “attempted to spike the vehicle, but were unsuccessful.” Meanwhile, the chase proceeded “westbound at speeds mostly around 70 miles an hour.”

They still didn’t know she was naked but it “appeared the suspect had attempted to shake the contents of the trailer out during the pursuit.” That’s when Coal Hill police had their turn to try stopping her.

Dispatch notified all the pursuers that “a Coal Hill police unit also set up with spike strips, and as officers and the suspect approached them, the suspect swerved into the fast lane to avoid the spikes.”

Coal Hill did manage to successfully take out the front tire on the driver’s side but the naked driver kept going.

As the vehicle swerved erratically, the cargo continued to spill out onto the freeway for another two miles before the driver pulled to the shoulder. The State Police dashcam shows the suspect “jumping out of the vehicle naked and attempting to flee the scene before being tackled by police.”

They later determined the driver to be 48-year-old Deidra Lewis. She remains in custody at the Johnson County Jail on charges of aggravated assault, motor vehicle theft, criminal trespassing, reckless driving, disorderly and fleeing. She’s scheduled to appear in court on May 13.

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