Criminals Overpower Staff, Murdering Several in the Process


Two criminals on extended sentences for robbery gathered two hammers and a grinder from their work assignment on Thursday Mar. 25th at Iowa’s Anamosa State Penitentiary. The prisoners, Michael Dutcher and Thomas Woodard proceeded to overpower prison staff and barricade themselves into a medical office. They then attempted to remove prison bars from the windows to escape. On the floor lay a nurse and a corrections officer dying of blunt forced trauma from multiple hammer strikes to the head. Another inmate McKinley Roby, attempted to rescue the prison employees and was also bludgeoned viciously but survived.

According to the Des Moines Register,

“Staff member Lori Mathis was in an adjacent room and walked across the hallway into the break room. Dutcher, with Woodard present, allegedly grabbed her and told her she “would be next” if she did not cooperate.” Mathis was “held against her will for a period of time,” and released as Dutcher fled.

In the end, both prisoners were recaptured, Woodard was found lying on the floor and Dutcher fled to the prison yard where he was apprehended “covered with blood”. Both are now charged with attempted murder and kidnapping in the second degree. The face life in prison upon conviction.

Before prisoners Michael Dutcher and Thomas Woodard murdered nurse Lorena Schulte and correctional officer Robert McFarland while attempting escape they should’ve checked their bank accounts. They probably got their stimulus checks. This was initially called out by conservative news sources as early as last October.

Wait, What!?!?! Money for Criminals?

Yup. Could you picture a better time to break out of prison than right now? Police in major metropolitan areas are being vilified, defunded and stripped of their qualified immunity, whole areas of cities are being cordoned off in “Autonomous zones” where the criminal element can fade in with the crowd almost indefinitely and commit further crimes with impunity. And many would contact their families and friends on the outside to find what? Money in the bank.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) raised the alarm and tried to add an amendment to the so-called American Rescue Act to prevent it, but it was voted down by the Democrat majority on party lines.

“Senate Democrats just voted to give stimulus checks to criminals in prison,” he tweeted March 6. “They haven’t lost their jobs, they aren’t worried about paying rent or buying groceries.” According to the Austin American-Statesman.

This prison break attempt along with all of those that occur in the foreseeable near future will have the fingerprints of the Biden-Harris regime, BLM and Antifa all over them just as surely as the crisis at the border does. How? Because when you create a situation that allows for mass lawlessness and for criminals to prosper you are a party to their crimes, you are a facilitator. Every time someone tells you we need to “defund the police” or reduce our incarceration rates remember their names: Lorena Schulte and Bob McFarland. Many more names are likely to join theirs.

What we’re seeing is a recipe for disaster. As the leftist-run Democrat-Socialist party creates and perpetuates a system that will allow the guilty to go unpunished, the imprisoned to be freed (and vote even) and is permissible to their vices and whims while disarming and disempowering the honest law-abiding citizen, we’ll only see more headlines like these. And we won’t be able to do a thing about it if we don’t stand up for ourselves now.


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