Man Kept Girl as Sex Slave in Dog Cage, You Won’t Believe the Sentence He Received…


After police made the gruesome discovery that this sexual predator was holding a girl hostage as his personal sex slave in a dog cage for over a year, he was quickly arrested and convicted. However, shockingly, the judge made the decision to let him go without any jail time…and you won’t believe the reason why.

Hailey Burns was only 15-years old when she encountered 31-year old Michael Wysolovski in an online chat. She thought he was a good friend, but soon found out that he would take advantage of her vulnerability. What happened next is one of the most heinous crimes anyone can commit: the abuse, manipulation, and victimization of someone suffering from mental illness.

Burns confided to Wysolovski about her battle with anorexia and self-esteem issues which resulted in an intimate relationship between them. He then used this as leverage to convince her to run away from Ballantyne, North Carolina.

In his Atlanta home, he kept her locked in a dog crate while limiting what she ate and verbally abusing her. This quickly escalated into rape and abuse as well as what is known as “consensual non-consensual” BDSM relationship where she served him as his personal sex slave for over a year until police rescued her at age 17 due to contact with another woman online.

Upon rescue, she was severely malnourished, infected with ringworm, and suffered serious back problems due to being confined in the cage for so long.

Despite facing 25 years in prison for being charged with rape, aggravated sodomy, cruelty to children false imprisonment and interstate interference with custody – Wysolovski walked out of court without having to set foot in jail thanks to plea deal granted by Judge Timothy Hamil. The judge accepted his 8 months stay in jail before receiving bond as “time served” plus registering himself on the sex offender list is all Wysolovski had to do after pleading guilty.

This lenient sentencing has left Hailey Burns’ family horrified because there’s always a chance that Wysolovski will try harming their daughter again or even worse kidnap her or sexually abuse other girls since he got away easily this time.

It’s unjustified how easily Michael Wysovloski avoided spending any time behind bars while Hailey Burns continues facing life altering consequences ever since enduring his unimaginable abuse.

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