Major News Outlet CAUGHT… FAKE NEWS!

Fake News
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Another day, another fake news story about Donald Trump.

This week, it was on CBS News.

Trump-hater Norah O’Donnell jumped the gun and now she has egg on her face.

Fake News

When the FBI raided Trump’s home, they got a bit aggressive.

Three passports were taken, but when Trump announced it, O’Donnell pushed back within hours.

Her unnamed source in the DOJ said Trump was lying about it, that never happened!

She should have waited for corroboration but decided to beat everyone to the punch.

As we have seen dozens of times in recent years, that did not work out too well.

So, when the DOJ admitted that an agent swiped Trump’s passports and it would be returning them pronto, Trump’s team could not wait to a few glasses of lemon juice into the cut…

Until the media figures out that it needs sources to go on the record and to corroborate its stories with multiple sources, you know, like they used to do before social media, the American people will never trust it.

Source: New York Post

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