Details Emerge of Wealthy Billionaire Who is Funding the Fight for America


Move over George Soros! American Patriots and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem seem to have found a billionaire who is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Here are the details. Willis Johnson is the billionaire founder and chairman of an automotive auction company called Copart, Inc. Alongside Gov. Noem,  Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have entered the headlines because they unexpectedly stepped up to quite literally bankroll the deployment of the South Dakota National Guard reinforcing the faltering watch on the Texas border.

Mr. Wilson told Politico, “I’m trying to help out the governor and help America,” they continued,

“Johnson, a Vietnam veteran who doesn’t live in South Dakota but rather in Tennessee, told POLITICO in a brief interview that he met the governor at a political fundraiser “a while back.”

Reportedly Mr. Johnson will sponsor a platoon of 50 SDNG Troops on the US-Mexico border through a private donation to the South Dakota Government. Gov. Noem addressed concerns about the deployment and provided additional details in a recent video posted to Twitter.

Many of Noem’s detractors, political opponents, and leftist shills are attempting to use this story to make hay of “Rent[ing] out a state’s National Guard as a private army for a political stunt to benefit the Republican Party” as one Twitter use opined or branding the honorable citizen-soldiers as “mercenaries”. Many Social-media ‘legal scholars’ are attempting to paint her actions as illegal but they’re missing one of the most important details of this story:

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact Has Been Activated.

Time has reported that “Earlier this month, Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a fellow Republican, invoked the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, a mutual aid agreement between all 50 states. “With your help, we can apprehend more of these perpetrators of state and federal crimes, before they can cause problems in your state,” the pair wrote in a June 10 letter to fellow governors.”

Under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact enacted by South Dakota in 1996, Noem had all the authority she needed once Governors Abbott of Texas and Ducey of Arizona declared emergencies at their respective borders.

In addition to EMAC provisions, Noem spokesman Ian Fury put legal questions firmly to bed telling the media,

“The Governor has authority under SDCL 5-24-12 to accept a donation if she determines doing so is in the best interest of the State. The Governor has additional authority to accept donated funds for emergency management under SDCL 34-48A-36.”

South Dakota Joins A Growing Coalition Of States Sending Troops and Police Details

Other States such as Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, and Idaho have opted to send law-enforcement personnel under the logical justification that stopping drug smuggling in Texas is better than stopping it on their own streets.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told the press “I had met just weeks ago with some of our sheriffs up in north Florida and their No. 1 concern is all the meth that’s coming in,” DeSantis said, adding that this has had “a real effect” on Florida communities, his Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement officials agreed with him.

In an official statement, the Governor’s office wrote,

“The Biden Administration has failed in the most basic duty of the federal government: keeping the American people safe,” said Governor Kristi Noem.

“The border is a national security crisis that requires the kind of sustained response only the National Guard can provide.  We should not be making our own communities less safe by sending our police or Highway Patrol to fix a long-term problem President Biden’s Administration seems unable or unwilling to solve.”

Noem concluded with a mic drop moment.

“My message to Texas is this: help is on the way.”



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