Trump Tower ATTACK

A 31 year old woman has been arrested after what looks to be an attempted attack on Trump Tower in Chicago. The mainstream media are largely ignoring the story in favor of demonizing Trump supporters instead.

The woman, who has not yet been identified, was arrested after driving her car through a barricade outside Trump Tower, according to Chicago police.

Police say that the woman was driving a Honda sedan, and intentionally drove around officers on the sidewalk and struck the barricade outside Trump Tower. The incident occurred around 4 a.m. on January 12.

The woman was not injured, and charges are currently pending.

As usual, the mainstream media has barely reported on this attempted attack. Any violent actions taken by members of the radical left are deemed unimportant by the media. The riots, looting, and destruction of several cities throughout 2020 were reported as peaceful protests, and other acts perpetrated by left-wing agitators were barely reported on at all.

Now that Trump supporters have committed a violent act, the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., that is all the media talks about. Their hypocrisy in calling out the chaos at the Capitol, but ignoring everything else, is blatantly obvious.

Trump supporters have never committed violent acts on a wide scale like Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA, who are responsible for …

The New York Post called out the double standards of the Democrat Party, writing: “The right-wing political violence was met with universal rebuke from politicians of both parties and the media. But many of those who are loudest in condemning the Capitol Hill riot went radio-silent when rioters destroyed and looted in the name of Black Lives Matter.”

In May of 2020, thousands of rioters descended upon Minneapolis after the police killing of George Floyd. Over the course of three days, left-wing rioters “burned down a police station, looted hundreds of businesses and burned entire neighborhoods to the ground,” according to the Post.

A radical left organization, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, solicited donations to bail out these violent rioters. Kamala Harris even encouraged her Twitter followers to donate to the organization, as did several Joe Biden campaign staffers. The Minnesota Freedom Fund took in more than $35 million in donations with the help of Harris and Biden’s campaign.

On May 29 in Portland, Oregon, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA extremists broke into the Multnomah County Justice Center, which houses the Sheriff’s Office, a police station, and a jail. They ransacked the first floor of the building, trying to break into the jail to free the prisoners. After their efforts failed, they started fires, causing city and county staff to flee for their lives.

Every night for the next four months, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioted in Portland, burning down buildings, and attacking police officers with concrete and mortar explosives. They even attempted to storm a federal courthouse in July, bringing electric tools, rope, and explosives to breach the barrier that was put up to protect the courthouse.

The Department of Homeland Security reported more than 277 injuries of officers in Portland over that time period. Hundreds of injuries were reported by police departments in other cities during leftist riots over supposed police brutality.

The media supported these violent “protests” as a fight for racial justice, and condemned police officers instead of the violent radicals who attacked them. Books like “In Defense of Looting” were celebrated throughout the left-wing mainstream media.

The New York Post reported that “The Associated Press, which sets guidelines for journalists, amended its stylebook to discourage use of the word ‘riot,’ given protesters’ ‘underlying grievances.'”

Hours after the storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, ANTIFA once again tried to break into the Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland. ANTIFA went on to smash up businesses and public buildings with hammers, and spray painted an ANTIFA logo and the phrase “The state can no longer suppress us” on a wall.

Yet, the mainstream media did not report on this violent riot at all. This is proof that they aren’t journalists, they are activists. They don’t care about the truth, they only care about the narrative.

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