HUGE Win for 2nd Amendment Announced

HUGE Win for 2nd Amendment Announced

In a major win for the Second Amendment, legislation was passed on December 17 which removes the legal requirement to retreat from a confrontation prior to shooting to kill in self-defense.

The Ohio House passed the legislation on the December 17, and the Senate agreed to the bill’s amendments on the 18th. The bill is now headed to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s desk.

The “stand your ground” legislation passed in the House with a 52-31 vote.

When the bill becomes law, it removes the “duty to retreat” from a confrontation before firing a gun in self-defense.

According to local news outlet WTOL, “It’s unclear what DeWine will do next. He has said that lawmakers shouldn’t take up other gun bills until some protections are passed, but none of his proposals were part of SB 175. ”

In 2008, the duty to retreat in a confrontation in one’s home or vehicle, known as “castle doctrine,” was removed. This new bill would expand castle doctrine to include almost any place where an individual is lawfully present, and says that the court cannot consider the possibility of retreat in a case of a shooting in self-defense.

The bill was passed despite opposition from law enforcement, prosecutors, and anti-gun violence activists, giving a major victory to gun owners.

State Representative Kyle Koehler originally introduced the proposal as an amendment to a different piece of gun legislation. Kohler said that he believes it is illogical to place a legal duty to evade a dangerous situation on a legal gun owner who is facing a threat from someone intent on committing a crime.

“If someone is bent on killing another individual, the laws we write on paper do not matter,” he said.

“My right to defend myself from serious bodily harm or death does not change just because I am outside the walls of my home… inside or outside my car. My right to defend myself from serious bodily harm or death should be extended to anywhere I am lawfully allowed to be,” Koehler tweeted.

Democrats are complaining that the policy will incentivize shootouts when avoiding violence is an option, and immediately tried to turn the conversation to race.

According to several Ohio Democrats, the legislation has racial implications for two reasons. They believe that a jury would be more likely to believe a white person’s claim of self-defense than a black person’s, and that a black person is more likely to be perceived as a threat than a white person.

“Black people are going to die disproportionately compared to white people,” said Representative Stephanie Howse.

  1. why is it that the demoncrats bring race into everything this isn’t to 1900’s and all they are doing is trying to keep racism alive you would think by now people would see thru this

  2. As it should be….
    Annoyed when democrats try to taint everything with race! I don’t give a shit WHAT color or race a perp is… If someone is trying to seriously injure or kill me, a family member, a neighbor or a complete stranger, race is OUT of the equation!!!
    Social justice… The most worthless and ILLEGITIMATE concept ever created.

  3. From what I hear in CommieFornia people are saying they will just drop the body in the trash where these scum belong rather than call 911. because the good guy fears Socialists Commifornia will make the victim the criminal and continue to double down on BS.
    What is the difference between a DemonRat and Satins Turd? Yah I couldn’t see the difference either.

  4. Black people die violently and disproportionally to whites because blacks commit MORE crime, MURDER each other with monotonous regularity, in numbers FAR exceeding those of whites. They are the most criminal/violent, least educated, and the greatest recipient of Government charity. i am tired of hearing how bad blacks are treated in this country….because it is all B S…

  5. Looks like the delusional democrats are starting to think about reelection . Some are starting to rethink the delusional democrats agenda znd the way their turning for the worse . They better start thiking about how they look to the country if they follow along blindly . Thats what gets you reelected, not the crazy crap the delusional democrats are trying to do . Only the truely stupid people want them in charge and don’t care about what kind of country will be left for their kids and their kids . This will come back to bite you in the ass for your stupid thinking and beliving in the delusional democrats . Just remember … I told you so

  6. Stephanie Howse’s statement that black people are going to die disproportionately compared to white people is true, only because black people disproportionately commit most of the violent crimes. Not right, but it is a fact.

  7. ““Black people are going to die disproportionately compared to white people,” said Representative Stephanie Howse.”

    They always try to make it about race – fact is, blacks already kill whites far disproportionately.

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