Huge Obama-era SCANDAL Rocks White House… They Tried to Bury It!

How many times has Joe Biden told us that he never spoke about his son’s business interests?

Based on some new Obama-era emails that were just released via America First Legal (AFL), at the very least, Joe Biden’s office was discussing Hunter’s activities when he was VP.

This has all come about due to a recent lawsuit filed by AFL against National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).


If you notice, Joe Biden has always been very careful about saying that he has never spoken about business WITH Hunter.

I have gone back to watch some questions, and he specifically states he never discussed business with his son, and I bring this up to make a specific point.

I am thinking that Joe Biden was taken out of the first point of contact but that he was surely aware of what was going on.

When you see the emails that AFL got its hands on, you are probably going to agree.

In December 2015, the New York Times was doing a piece about Joe Biden’s anticorruption stance being undermined by Hunter’s Burisma position.

Eric Schwerin, who was Hunter’s business partner at the time, was trying to cut the story off.

He reached out directly to Kate Bedingfield, who was Biden’s communication’s director at the time.

When she answered his inquiry, notice the wording of the response.

Bedingfield stated, “…VP just finished an interview with the Bloomberg reporter traveling with us and she asked about it, though she assures me she’s doing everything she can to not use it.

“I will have a transcript soon but my quick notes on his answer are: No one has any doubt about my record on corruption, I don’t talk to my son about his business and my children don’t talk to me about mine, I have complete faith in my son.”

There is more back and forth about Bedingfield getting the journalist to agree not to use the information unless her editors forced her to do so.

Well, they did end up using it, and Schwerin was not happy about it, writing, “Guess the Bloomberg reporter didn’t have the ability to convince her editors not to make her write the story.”

Bedingfield responded, “Really frustrating. That said, so long as it doesn’t elevate and trigger someone else to write, it’s actually a good and straightforward response.

“So sorry I missed your call this morning.

“Underwater on a bunch of stuff. Can call in a bit if you are around.”

So, if Joe was not directly talking to Hunter but his people were, then referring those messages to Joe, as seems to be the case, that is not exactly Kosher.

AFL founder and former Trump staffer Stephen Miller stated, “AFL’s litigation against NARA continues to provide critical information about the Biden family’s influence peddling during the Obama Administration.

“But these additional records warrant special attention because they highlight for the American people the extent to which the Biden family and Rosemont Seneca expected the media to do their bidding.

“And they illustrate the influence over White House operations that Rosemont Seneca ha — advancing not only Hunter Biden’s interests but those of a foreign company and former foreign officials. The American people deserve answers and accountability.”

There is simply no way that I believe that Joe Biden was unaware of what was going on with Hunter Biden’s business deals.

Source: Fox News

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