Hillary Clinton Breaks Out Into Full-Blown Fight [Video]

hillary clinton
hillary clinton

Looks like former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reached her breaking point as she was recently seen engaging in a full-blown screaming match with a protester while speaking at a forum. So much for the calm, cool demeanor she always likes to display to a public audience.

The recent forum at the Institute of Global Politics at Columbia University was disrupted by a protestor accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of “warmongering” in her support for President Joe Biden’s request for more than $100 million foreign aid package.

The exchange between Clinton and the protestor, which lasted over three minutes, left many in the audience shocked into silence.

At the forum, a man rose to protest the president’s global aid deal as well as raised concerns that continued support for military aggression would lead to World War III. He said “President Joe Biden is calling for $100 million in funding for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine and we’re supposed to just bundle these together and pretend like we’re going to rush to World War III…”

To this statement, Secretary Clinton replied “I’m not sorry sit down,” before he retorted back “I know you’re not sorry that’s the point”. Despite security attempting to silence him, she continued arguing with him until finally shouting “It’s not free speech when you’re disrupting everybody else’s opportunity!” At this moment security began shouting for his identification and pulling him out of the room.

This outburst from Hillary Clinton came as a shock to many who watched her during her run for presidency in 2016 where she presented herself as an experienced politician with great poise under pressure.

Her response could be seen as an attempt at cutting short any further disruption of what was supposed to be a public forum about foreign policy but instead turned into a heated argument between her and one particular individual.

In light of this incident it is clear there are some serious concerns over President Biden’s foreign aid package request especially surrounding its funding towards countries such as Israel , Taiwan ,Ukraine. With tensions already high within these regions due mainly political unrest it can be argued that further funds could only exacerbate existing issues.

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