Breaking: Democrat Governor Steps Down!


In what many are seeing as a shocking and unexpected move, Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs made a sudden withdrawal from her position. On Wednesday evening, September 27, Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced that she would be filling in as acting governor in Hobbs’ absence.

While Yee refrained from naming directors to the 13 agencies with vacancies, she expressed her hope that upon Hobbs’ return she would promptly appoint qualified directors to these important state agencies.

This news has sparked speculation amongst the chattering class about what could have caused Hobbs’ absence and whether or not she will fill the positions in need of attention.

Katie Hobbs was elected as Arizona’s governor last year after defeating Republican Kari Lake in a swing state which former President Trump also narrowly lost and challenged in court. Since then, Lake attempted to cite disenfranchised voters who could have turned the election in her favor but was ultimately unsuccessful after losing her final appeal earlier this summer.

As a candidate, Hobbs ran on an anti-Trump platform which propelled her to victory; since then, reports claim that she has pressured the state attorney general to indict President Trump for election interference.

When asked if this move should move forward and play out in the legal process, Hobbs replied “absolutely” while expressing her advocacy for accountability at the top level of those attempting to overturn 2020 Election results.

Since Governor Katie Hobbs’ abrupt departure from office without explanation, speculation continues among Arizona citizens as they await further news regarding their leader’s whereabouts and possible return date.

With 13 agency positions left vacant under her first term as Democrat leader, many are wondering if these roles will be filled once more or remain open until new elections occur next year.

All eyes are now focused on Governor Katie Hobs as people across Arizona wait with anticipation for further updates regarding her absence and potential reappointment plans when (or if) she returns.

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