His Private Plane Was ABANDONED, Then They Took A Peek Inside

plane elvis

It seems that as a nation, we have an obsession with celebrities that almost borders on the unhealthy.

That being said, there are some instances where having something associated with a celebrity or any other famous person is actually kind of cool and interesting.

When I was a kid, my father used to have a collection of Elvis Presley stuff that the Graceland folks would have absolutely given their left arms to have.

It seemed that if there was a product produced from the moment Elvis first burst onto the scene until his passing in 1977, my dad had it.

He even had videotapes of tv broadcasts from other countries where live televised performances were broadcast. Was definitely kind of interesting watching the Elvis Comeback Special and then seeing a commercial for a foreign fast-food joint.

Anyway, the man had pretty much anything that had Elvis Presley’s name on it.

One thing that Elvis was known for, aside from having more merchandise with his name on it than just about anyone else in the world, and for shooting televisions; was the way that the man liked to ride in style.

plane elvis

If there was a motorized conveyance that Elvis Presley was in, you can bet that it was the best top-of-the-line stuff that you could possibly have.

Recently, an airplane was found abandoned in the New Mexico desert. Well, actually, it had been there for decades but it was one of those things where for the longest time nobody wanted to go anywhere near the thing.

It was in an aircraft graveyard and nobody really gave it a second thought. That is, until people suddenly realized that this particular plane belonged to Elvis Presley.

Presley bought the airplanes for a little bit over $800,000 back in 1976 and really didn’t get to fly in it all that much until his passing.

The exterior of the aircraft looks like it has been beaten by desert winds for three and a half decades, but the inside of the plane almost looks like it was just used and cleaned yesterday.

I really don’t know personally what someone is going to do with a plane that cannot fly anymore. There’s no way in the world that the FAA would allow that thing to be put in the air again. That being said, it is a heck of a conversation piece for any fan of Elvis Presley.


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