Dramatic Video Shows A Shootout That Left A Gunman Dead And An Officer Critically Injured


On August 22nd, 2021, the Greenfield Wisconsin Police Department was engaged in a high-speed chase with Tyran Lamb, a 31-year-old Milwaukee man that ended in an accident and an officer-involved shootout. One of the two responding officers was shot repeatedly by the assailant at point-blank range taking one round to the leg, one to the chest, and one to the hand, and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Two additional officers arrived on the scene as backup, located the fleeing suspect, and attempted to arrest him. The suspect opened fire upon them as well and was killed when they returned fire. It’s absolutely unbelievable that both initially responding officers, the male officer who was shot and his backup, the female officer in the video, survived this encounter.

According to WISN,

“Lamb, 31, of Milwaukee, was on probation for two prior convictions for fleeing officers and as a felon wasn’t legally allowed to have a gun.”

Video Of The Dramatic Shootout That You Have To See To Believe


In a video released to the public, Greenfield Police Chief Jay Johnson explained the situation that led to the near-fatal shooting of a Greenfield Police officer and the death of his assailant.

“On August 22, 2021, a Greenfield police officer witnessed a subject run a red light. The officer, who is labeled as “Officer 1” in the video, activated his lights and siren and attempted to stop the subject. As you will see for yourselves in the video, the officer tried several times to get the subject to pull over and park, only to have him continue to flee from police.

You’ll see a backup officer arrive and the suspect speed away from her and Officer 1. Efforts to stop the subject continued with a third officer deploying spike strips – a tire deflation device – to get the subject to stop but he continued to flee, crashing into another driver. The suspect vehicle’s airbags deployed, and the suspect refused to show officers his hands, so the threat to the officers inside the vehicle was unknown.”

Chief Johnson went on to explain that the two responding officers with weapons drawn approached the vehicle and commanded Lamb to show his hands no less than EIGHTEEN TIMES before the shootout began, the male officer even approached the windshield of the disabled vehicle very closely to visually confirm if the suspect was complying, an extremely dangerous move which nearly cost his life. The suspect refused to comply.

The moment that everything seemed to go sideways though, occurred after a bystander attempted to interject herself into the dangerous situation and caused both officers to look away from Lamb, momentarily distracting them. It was all the opening he needed.

“Officer 1 gets right up to the windshield to try and see both the suspect’s hands. It will be clear to you when you hear Officer 1’s commands that the suspect is keeping his right hand from view. Suddenly the suspect shoots multiple times at Officer 1 through the windshield, hitting him.

The officers now were in a fight for their lives. As the suspect ran away, he jumped over the downed officer, firing at him at point-blank range. The suspect died a short distance away after being shot by police. What you’ll see then is this incredibly brave, young backup officer tend to wounded Officer 1’s injuries. He is shot and badly wounded. You will see her save his life.”

Chief Johnson concluded his remarks citing the officers for their heroism and bravery,

“What you’ll see in this video is the kind of danger police officers face every day. You will see their bravery. Their heroism. Their commitment to this community. You’ll see the incident in its entirety first, and then you will see the highlighted version. Be aware that this video is very disturbing to watch.”

Misinformation And Appeals To Emotion Flood the News

Naturally, Lamb’s family has spoken out against his killing, making statements refuting Greenfield PD’s conclusions. However, those claims are not supported by the video evidence.

According to WISN Lamb’s mother Tahnisha Lamb claimed, “My son did not jump out the car and shoot at an officer, His children was his life. He has two of them, and one on the way.”

“My first-born son, 31, had past runs in with the law, got out and did better,” Tahnisha Lamb said. “He loved his family. He loved his kids and me and his grandmama. We was his world, his life, and they took him. They took his life.”

As of this writing, the family has even collected $1,250 via a gofundme to cover memorial expenses but is not accepted further donations.

And of course, Black Lives Matter advocates of Twitter jumped right in to make judgements that aren’t supported by the facts.

Chief Johnson presented the information professionally and sought to dismiss any misinformation regarding the suspect or the deadly shootout. Based upon the video, there is little room for misrepresentation of the incident.

“The suspect was an armed felon who made the decision to flee from the police. He put our community, our citizens, and our officers in danger. And you know this – because you just saw it for yourself.”

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