Freshman GOP House Members BOYCOTT

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Joe Biden just got a direct message from the newest Republicans in Congress.

That message was that they want nothing to do with him at all.

All but 11 members of the incoming class of freshman Republicans snubbed Biden for his welcome reception.

No Thanks

The White House published a list of everyone that attended the function.

As far as congressional Republicans, Fox News reported that “Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama; Rep. John James of Michigan; Rep. Mark Alford of Missouri; Rep. John Duarte of California; Rep. Tom Kean of New Jersey; Rep. Kevin Kiley of California; Reps. Nick Langworthy and Mike Lawler of New York; Rep. Nathaniel Moran of Texas; Rep. Dale Strong of Alabama, and Rep. Rudy Yakym of Indiana were in attendance.

However, Reps. Alford and Moran stated they were NOT there.

In terms of Biden thinking he will be able to bully all the new congressmen on the right side of the aisle, I think he just got a wake-up call, big time.

The first true battle that is going to be fought is over the debt ceiling, with Biden already saying that he will not allow that to be used as a bargaining chip.

We are going to find out very soon how many of our new representatives have backbone.

With 75 percent of them snubbing Biden right out of the gate, my hopes are high!

Source: Fox News

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