FINALLY: Trump Social Media is HERE


Once and Future President Donald Trump says it’s a whole lot better than the deep state algorithms the liberal twits on that progressive platform cooked up. GETTR promises they won’t censor your comments into oblivion. The deplorable social media network goes live on Independence Day, which means Trump supporters can finally get together and communicate again.

Social Media without censorship

Former senior advisor to President Donald Trump and his campaign, Jason Miller, launched an alternative social media platform designed to give Twitter a run for it’s money, literally.

While it doesn’t yet have the official Trump seal of approval, GETTR is hoping that he’ll open an account. They assure him they won’t give him the bum’s rush like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

While the platform doesn’t officially go live until Independence Day, the 4th of July, the apps are already available in the app stores.

For us Edward Snowden fans who don’t believe in hand-held tracking devices, the main social media website appears fully functional online at Signing up was painless for Patriot United News and @azmegamark is already live and posting.

Jason Miller served on both the 2016 and 2020 campaigns so knows firsthand the frustration President Trump felt when simply trying to speak his mind.

That’s exactly why he picked the 4th of July to launch the project globally, at 10:00 a.m. ET, and declare “independence” from Big Tech. Social media newborn GETTR, he promises, is a “cancel-free zone” focused on free speech, with “superior technology” expected to be “the envy” of Silicon Valley. The name evolved from the project’s purpose of getting people together. “Let’s get together, we’re talking about a sense of community,”

Not an echo chamber

Miller insists that nobody wants GETTR to be a place for conservatives to pat themselves on the back in a big circle. One sided echo chambers don’t get anyone anywhere in terms of meaningful change in political or social conditions.

At least on GETTER the heated arguments won’t be squashed. The problem with the old guard regime was that both sides were talking but one side was erased back out. That’s not fair. According to Miller, they think “it will ultimately be a global platform. not just conservatives in the U.S. We want people from all political stripes to join the platform.”

“This ties in with Independence Day,” Miller declared. “Independent from social media monopolies, independent from cancel culture. Embracing free speech. Our launch on Sunday is very much intentional.”

Not only that, GETTR believes “there needs to be a new” platform that “really defends free speech, and one that doesn’t de-platform for political beliefs.” The best part is that the technology driving they system should provide a terrific user experience.

The “superior” and “cutting edge” technology “will really be the envy of the social media world.” That’s because “GETTR allows users to post longer messages with up to 777 characters.” Also “GETTR will also allow users to post ‘clearer pictures,’ post videos that are up to three minutes long, and have the ability to edit the videos within the app.”

When you start your account you can even import all your tweets, “so that your hard work, creativity, your intellectual property comes with you.” The import offered as a “one-time option upon creating your account” does not “link users back out to Twitter.” Features on the drawing board about to be rolled out are “online appreciation and ‘tipping,’ so that users can give money to prominent content creators.” That “will incentivize those prominent influencers to use GETTR, so that they can monetize what they’re doing and posting right now.”

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