Deplorables and Radicals Violently CLASH


In the evening of January 5th a chaotic scene unfolded at BLM Plaza as ‘deplorables’ supporting President Donald Trump joined by members of the Proudboys and radical leftists with Antifa violently clashed. Up until this point Trump supporters were marching and chanting in an orderly peaceable protest. DC Metro Police waded into the fray and deployed pepper spray against the combatants.

A little under an hour later, all hell broke loose as independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager reported

“Police form(ed) lines to prevent the crowd from advancing further into BLM Plaza”

Police soon rushed to flank the protestors and form another line blocking entry and egress to the plaza.

Surrounded and Outflanked by Police and Radicals

The change it the atmosphere came quickly, after Police arrested a Trump supporter attempting to walk around their line, officers broke away and promptly arrested him, and violence ensued. As a fracas erupted between leftist Antifa radicals confronting the Trump supporters, DC Metro Police engaged them with pepper spray and Trump supporters rushed the police line. When taken in combination with the controversial arrest of Proudboys leader Enrique Tarrio it has become clear that the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has been compromised and reduced to little more than jackbooted enforcers of the DC Democrat regime.

Many conservatives are awakening this morning to scenes of fellow Patriots being maced, beaten and arrested in the nations capital. Many are asking: Where was this police response when Antifa & BLM burned and vandalized our cities for two months? Where were police responses like this when Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to defend his life with lethal force?

Conveniently unattended construction materials? This looks familiar

In an interesting layer to the situation last night, readily available construction materials have been found near Freedom Square and BLM plaza as tweeted by @RealTina40. This is highly reminiscent of the pallets of bricks placed prior to the George Floyd protests for the use of leftist radicals. The origin and disposition of these materials is unknown at this time. However, all of the elements necessary for a massive explosion of violence in the nations capital are present and the nation collectively holds it’s breath as Congress debates objections to the Electoral College vote.

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