ANTIFA Pick a Fight with the WRONG Patriots [Video]


Antifa rioters picked a fight with the wrong patriots on December 5th. Andy Ngô, Editor-at-large of The Post Millennial reported that several brawls broke out in Olympia, Washington. Street fights between Antifa and Trump supporters protesting the contested 2020 Election occurred near the State Capital. 

Violence escalated as groups of Antifa and BLM sought to confront protestors supporting Trump’s challenges to the 2020 Election fraud. The protestors wielded “Wasp spray” and flag-poles against the rioters in several of the videos.

Shots Fired

Fox News reported that Washington State police responded to reported gunshots during the “opposing protests” (Editorial: “Trump supporters’ protest and Antifa’s attacks”) “between pro-Trump, pro-police demonstrators and Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters (rioters) in Olympia, according to reports.”

One man was seen to brandish a firearm at attacking Antifa protestors and was placed under arrest by Olympia Police according to Independent Media PDX.

Local source, Shore News reported, “Olympia police reported that one person was charged with felony assault and an additional reckless endangerment charge has been filed against a suspect.”

Olympia PD released a statement. ““We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd. Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system, we do have a person in custody for the shooting and detectives investigating.”

Police reportedly “Just Watching” as Antifa Riots

Conservative Videographer Andrew Duncomb aka Black [email protected]_ could be heard commenting “We’ve got a Cop down there just watching all this go down. Not intervening too.” during the height of the fighting, in a video tweeted by Ngô. This would indicate that other than responding to the shooting, the Olympia Police presence has been passive.

Shore News also reported the groups had started to disperse by 7PM. This round of violence in the Pacific Northwest follows after similar riots in Portland only days prior, during which “Armed units lay siege to local neighborhoods and terrorized citizens.” Based on this response in Washington, it appears that the local patriots have reached the limits of their patience.

  1. Righteous justice warms the hearts of all patriots, thanks for standing up to those dasobs!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree

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