Armed Radical Antifa and BLM Go on Rampage While Shouting ‘Black Power’ ‘No One Cares About Your White A** Opinion’


Portland, Oregon’s election night rampage proved that the liberal Antifa-inspired Black Lives Matter and Black Panther terrorist groups planned to continue their assault on America, regardless of the voting outcome. Armed units lay siege to local neighborhoods and terrorized citizens, even the ones with Harris-Biden signs.

Anarchists rampage through the streets

Oregon is so liberal that they essentially legalized heroin use after they already were successful at preventing the police from enforcing law and order. For the past six months they have been running wild in the streets, burning and looting on a nightly basis. The rampage didn’t stop for the election. They don’t seem to care which way it goes. The Black Panthers also had a big presence in Portland Election night, Independent Media PDX tweeted “the crowd raises black power fists in solidarity as a member of the Black Panthers encourages people to reach out to the leaders of the black community.”

Win lose or draw, “thousands” of protesters invaded the streets of Portland to demand “Everybody come out of your house and into the streets.” If this continues much longer, folks might just take them up on it. They chant, “No Justice no peace!” and “Black Power.” They don’t want “justice” they want to riot through the streets like spoiled children, and they’ll continue throwing tantrums until they get their way. Unless someone steps in to do something about it.

Using vehicles and bicycles, hundreds of socialist troops flooded the streets of residential neighborhoods, blocking access in and out. Homeowners couldn’t get out and the police couldn’t come in, even if they wanted to. While insecure homeowners cowered inside, heavily armed Black Lives Matter troops were pretending to be “security,” making sure nobody got in or out without their permission.

Rifles, shotguns, bats and more

Veteran journalist Andy Ngo was on the scene of what can only be described as a “rampage,” and tweeted that “around 300 BLM-antifa shut down residential areas of SE Portland. They had a motor blockade & people on bikes who blocked nearby streets. Their armed security team included those w/semi-auto rifles, shotguns, bats & more. They harassed businesses & people at their homes.”

Meanwhile the media and tech giants like Google were carefully feeding the election data out so as to best portray Joe Biden. Once it became apparent that President Donald Trump had well over 270 electoral votes in the bag, while Biden had no mathematical chance of getting their himself, they stopped the process. Now the nation is stuck in limbo waiting to see how many Biden ballots pop up out of nowhere in the jurisdictions with liberal loopholes allowing a last minute surge.

One man made the mistake of coming outside his home unarmed. Asking nicely from his porch for the rioters not to damage his home was simply begging for trouble. Even his Harris-Biden sign didn’t give him any points. The mob was still on the rampage, so harassed him and called him “racist and a White Supremacist.” So what if he supported their candidate, he’s still White. “No one cares about your white ass opinion! Who do you think you are telling black people how to [protest]? That’s white supremacy!” He should have simply let them burn his house down. They decided to flash strobe lights in his face for a while and curse him out, all the while insisting, “We are not violent! Absolutely not! We will not be peaceful, because we haven’t got justice!”

No filming allowed

Filming the riot rampage was not allowed. Law Enforcement Today relates, “a man was attacked who appeared to be recording their actions. A small mob approached the man and ripped the phone out of his hand and took off running.” When he started chasing the thief, he was warned, “Walk away!” Meanwhile, another terrorist, armed with a bullhorn, was giving specific directions about how to break out shop windows. The leader advised, “leave small businesses alone,” but other businesses are fair game. “Please do not bust out small business’ windows. But corporate, though, capitalists, I seriously don’t give a fuck…because fuck capitalism.” The crowd cheered.

Another organizer with a bullhorn was focused on “Black Power.” With several armed members in the group, they confronted some business owners who had locked themselves inside for protection. Only a thin pane of glass protected them from the mob. The organizer taunted, “Come out and march with us! Come show us black lives matter.” To show how stark the difference in perception between the two sides, the BLM lieutenant declared, “those inside are looking at her like she’s ‘an animal’ because she’s Black.” Not true. They were looking at her like an animal because she was acting like an animal.

It turns out they knew each other. “Your family would be disappointed in it. That’s sad. Look at you! You’re looking at me like I’m an animal! It’s sad. Come on, you know me. My mom worked for you. You know my mom. You know who I am, ’cause you used to cut my mom’s check. It’s sad, it’s real sad. Look at you, walking away.”

      1. Every home & business should be given an M-60 Machine gun & plenty of ammo & several sawed off shotguns. It is either our blood or theirs. So far it has been only our blood. WHY??

  1. well we are sick of your black azzz you are not special and you dont deserve what you wont work for you riot you loot you burn and you dont give a crap who gets hurt and a lot of times it is your own people that you hurt so please spare me the black lives matter b.s. ALL LIVES MATTER ALL LIVE MATTER

  2. Comment for the author: Mark, in another piece on this site you write: “Only if we present a unified and above all peaceful wall of resistance will we prevail. It is only by peaceful means that we can elect a real leader and restore proper functioning of our constitutional government.” Don’t you agree that as a major contributor to this site you have an interest in responding to the comments to this article, which are diametrically opposed to your message of non-violence and peaceful change? As one reader who has frequented a good number of sites, the effect these comments have is to make me suspect that you are at least passively encouraging violence and polarization (note the repeated references to “us” and “them”). It’s well known that both “sides” have an interest in this kind of divisiveness and that there’s money in it. Your not responding to these comments leads me to believe that this is just one more site that the Deep State’s big money is investing in. I hope you’ll prove me wrong.
    Just one American’s view.
    Gene P

    1. Love your comments Gene! It shows you really pay attention. The quick and simple answer to the apparent flip-flop is that times have changed drastically. The shoe was on the other foot then and I was looking at getting sent to FEMA camp Yuma. The movement had accomplished good things between the truckers, vets, and bikers that descended on Washington but Obama was getting ready to fight back hard.

      You bet we’re polarized now and yes I do encourage that. We backed down then and the next step was Malheur. We elected Donald Trump as our standard bearer. We are now at a major crossroads where Donald Trump can use his legal and constitutionally appointed powers to take charge and restore law and order. If he doesn’t do it, Patriots will be forced to pick up where we left off in 2015 and things will get serious. In my humble opinion it is now unavoidable.

      Thanks for reading!

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