Dems Sound the Alarm About Joe ‘Will Be Catastrophic For Our Party, For Our Country’


Alarm bells are ringing over at DNC headquarters and they are making things tough for the Imperial Palace. Rank and file Democrats have actually dared to question the insanity of open borders globalism. Biden’s immigration scheme will be “catastrophic,” not just for the Democrat party but “for our country.” Mainstream news networks tried to diffuse the crisis but only made it worse.

Alarm bells ringing over immigration

The Imperial Palace is scrambling to undo the damage caused by one of their own. Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas suddenly stopped drinking the Kool-Aid and hit the alarm button.

He issued a warning that “Biden’s immigration plan will kill Democrats in the 2022 midterm election.”

Cuellar is convinced that unless His Wisdom gets tough on illegal immigration, the party will be ripped out of the majority in the mid-terms. He issued a flashing red alarm “against easing up too much on illegal aliens.”

He noted, “they will have a huge impact on his constituents, hospitals, and the spread of COVID-19.” That, he muses, “could blow up in Biden’s face.”

He has good reasons for sounding the alarm bells. He knows it’s about to start an avalanche of migrants.

“You just can’t say, ‘Yeah, yeah, let everybody in’ — because then we’re affected down there at the border.” Not only that, “The bad guys know how to market this.” Can you say coyote?

Axios tries to spin it

Axios got a hold of the story and couldn’t believe a Democrat would actually dare to say such things. They ended up confirming it.

“Cuellar hopes the administration continues using a Trump-era public health order to quickly expel migrant adults and families, at least during the pandemic. He said smugglers will likely use the shift in immigration tactics from the Trump to the Biden administration to convince migrants to come to the U.S.” Now they are the one feeling the alarm.

CNN took a crack at damage control and ended up causing even more alarm to rattled progressives. They straight up asked Cuellar if he really said those things. You bet, he replied.

“If that is the message that we send to Central America and around the world, I can assure you, it won’t be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border.” They didn’t like hearing that.

Another reason for Cuellar’s alarm is “it’ll be catastrophic for our party, for our country, for my region, for my district, in the middle of a pandemic, in an area where we’ve lost over 3,000 people.” He’s convinced “we need to have a better plan in place.”

Toward that goal he suggests “asylum seekers should be able to ask for asylum and be processed in their home country or a neighboring country. And we shouldn’t have a policy in place that impulses people to make this 2,000 mile trek where cartels and human traffickers are enriching themselves.”

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