Dems Cant Get Past The Roadblocks Set By Our Forefathers, Now They Attempt to Destroy Them


Dems are out to destroy a powerful political safety device, any way they can. Our wise and pragmatic founding fathers set up as many roadblocks as they could to defend the republic from future corruption. Most people believe that the filibuster is one of them. It isn’t. That doesn’t mean we don’t need it now more than ever.

Dems are desperate

Imperialist beltway Dems are out to demolish the filibuster. They’re laying political explosive charges all over the place to blast what they see as “the roadblock” standing between them and their New World Order globalist schemes. The Senate is allegedly evenly divided between blue and red but it gets a little fuzzy when you consider the closet Democrat RINOs lurking amongst the Republicans.

Also, there are a few DINOs too. Progressives can’t consistently manage to round up 11 RINOS plus all 50 of their members, when they need them to beat a filibuster. That’s what’s happening now. It turns every palace project into a losing battle with Republicans.

June is already heating up in Washington as “a number of high-profile measures important to Democrats seem set to be blocked by the GOP’s filibuster,” The Hill relates. Supporters of the progressive schemes are melting down the Senate phone lines begging Dems to wire the safety valve closed.

As The Hill points out, “The blocking of Democratic priorities will certainly enrage those liberals who already want the filibuster killed off.”

Scheming Senate Leader Charles Schumer, an Imperialist, “signaled that he views it as a crucial test for his majority amid growing impatience about the slow pace of some behind-the-scenes negotiations.” Dems, he whines, “have also seen the limits of bipartisanship and the resurgence of Republican obstructionism.” Good.

The founding fathers loved obstructionism. The whole idea was to make laws so hard to pass that only the really important ones would get through. Democrats don’t like that because most of their laws are nothing but the same “bread and circuses” handouts that sent Rome up in flames. Imperial Leader Joe Biden has been rumored to be practicing the violin lately.

A chaotic juggling act

The district is set to be a real three ring circus this month, with Dems sending in the clowns. Republicans will be bringing the elephants. Schumer’s getting grouchy. “I want to be clear that the next few weeks will be hard and will test our resolve as a Congress and a conference.”

According to The Hill, he’s convinced the “burgeoning debate is likely to be influenced by a chaotic juggling act from last week, when Senate Republicans used their first filibuster under Biden to block a bill creating an independent commission to probe the January 6 attack on the Capitol.”

Colorado Imperialist Michael Bennet called Mitch McConnell dirty names. “I think we should not perpetuate McConnell’s bastardization of the Senate filibuster,” he told MSNBC. Radical liberal groups are threatening to burn down Senate offices if they don’t get their way.

“A coalition of 57 progressive groups” issued a joint list of demands, ordering Dems they bought and paid for to either “protect the filibuster or deliver on critical and popular policies.” They can only do one or the other anyway.

“The path forward is clear,” Dems declare. “The filibuster must be eliminated as a weapon that a minority of senators can wield to veto popular democracy-protecting bills.” Democrats and their RINO contingent are also fuming about “a group of conservative senators slow-walking a debate on China-related legislation.”

According to Schumer, he doesn’t like the idea but he’s kicking it around anyway because he’s taking so much heat. “Schumer has stopped short of supporting changing the Senate rules, only saying that everything is on the table as Democrats try to enact a ‘bold’ agenda. But he predicted that the recent setbacks on both the commission and the China legislation might sway members of his caucus.”

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