Couple Left Fighting For Their Lives After Defending…


A couple in Memphis, Tennessee, are fighting for their lives after fighting over their car. A man and a woman were hospitalized in critical condition following a shootout with the thieves who boosted their ride. It happened outside a popular local eatery.

Car thieves shoot better

In this particular incident, the car thieves were better marksmen than the vigilante couple. The unnamed diners were trying to prevent local socialists from sharing the wealth by jacking their Dodge.

An update notes their condition has been upgraded and they’re expected to make it.

The incident unfolded in front of the Big Bad Breakfast restaurant in East Memphis on Tuesday, December 27. Prep cook Victoria Franklin is listed as a witness.

I saw a young lady who was standing right here. She was being held up by two others and they were administering first aid and a gentleman over here who had an injury to his knee.” She apparently didn’t see the car thieves or the shooting. The wounds weren’t as superficial as they seemed but turned out to be better than feared.

The manager was a little more helpful. His version notes that “a couple was leaving the business when they discovered suspects trying to steal their red Dodge. He doesn’t specify the model of the car. The couple exchanged gunfire with the suspects.

Ms. Franklin adds that “they were having a holiday party when the incident happened.” That means “the restaurant was full of customers with children sitting near a front window.” She’s just happy they’re all okay.

Everybody freaked out

As Franklin relates, “they had kids up by the window and when the shots happened everybody freaked out and ran to the back of the building.” According to the chef, “no one was injured inside the business, but some of the employees rushed out to assist the man and woman who had been injured.

At least they didn’t lose their car. Police report that “the suspects left in a black Infinity.” That’s about the only clue they have.

Anyone who wants to play amateur detective is welcome to give it a shot. They’re hoping someone will recognize the fugitives’ car or hold a grudge against one of the suspects.

Any information which leads to an arrest, in this case, could be worth up to $2,000.” Another recent carjacking turned out entirely different and in that case, the vigilant owner is the one behind bars, charged with murder.

Demesha Coleman and “an unidentified man, tracked down her stolen Hyundai Tucson at a St. Louis gas station.” She “approached the vehicle, opened the car door and fatally shot 19-year-old Darius Jackson, who was inside.

She also shot two innocent bystanders. It’s not clear yet if she mistakenly thought they were involved or simply practiced poor gun control. Collateral damage is to be avoided at all times.

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